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  1. Does this guide work for the X99-A USB 3.1 board as well? I don't know if the USB 3.1 edition and the Mk II version (which this article is about) would work with the same everything. I'm trying to get my X99-A USB 3.1 edition working with Mojave but there's not much info on it. I'd rather not squander many more of my scarce hours if i don't have to. following this guide alone would take enough time as it is.
  2. Hi friends, I have an Asus X99-A USB 3.1 board i'm trying to get the Mojave beta working on. I'm not finding much, however i'm finding a lot of info for the X99-A II. Question: will those install methods - EFI, config.plist, Kexts, DSDT/SSDTs, etc.. be exactly the same for both? or are they just 2 different beasts entirely? I've seen comparisons of the boards and FEATURE-WISE, they seem extremely similar, however I'm not sure if the hackintoshing methods can be the same. All help is appreciated!
  3. Hi friends, I recently got a 750 Ti & i'm trying to make it work in 10.13.3 (w Supplemental Update). for whatever reason the screen is black with colored garbage at the top. Usually if a screen is black it's all black and AGDPFix fixes it. This isn't the case either way. I've tried AGDPFix, EmuVariableUefi-64.efi, Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext, most current Nvidia Web Driver, and nv_disable=1 & nvda_drv=1. I don't know {censored} about SSDTs, so i've had a tough time there, other than removing the SSDTs i had in my Patched folder. Seemed to make no noticeable difference. Before, I had a 650 Ti that did dual DVI perfectly fine, until it died. I'm connected via Remote Desktop so i know everything else is fine. If i do stuff via Remote Desktop the gibberish changes a bit, like Some type of signal is coming out. Card works perfectly fine in Windows, so it's not faulty. 750 Ti is an Asus GTX750TI-OC2GD5: https://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/GTX750TIOC2GD5/ I'm connected via both DVI ports, each to a 30" DVI monitor. System is: Asus X99-A USB 3.1 5960X Clover 4411 HS 10.13.3 w Supp update Please help!
  4. I've been having a similar problem! Boot loop, but i found if i ran the 10.13.1 Combo Update on that installation from another installation, it would work again. for a while. and then not terribly long after, it would start happening again. Huge pain in the ass having to reinstall combo update form another SSD just to get it working every time. Lalya, when you updated, did you use the Combo Updater? or through App Store? I may have originally updated through App Store, however, I'm not sure if that matters so much. but damn i would love to fix this without having to reinstall everything..
  5. Hi friends, My machine won't shut down or restart. Asus x99-A USB 3.1 5960X Clover High Sierra any ideas?
  6. kobe80

    x99 and 10.13

    Here is my EFI. CPU is 5960X ​Clover version is 4233 EFI.zip
  7. kobe80

    x99 and 10.13

    I just updated to the newest version of Clover. Wouldn't that help? it seems easy enough to do.. not able to boot into upgrade installer though. :/
  8. kobe80

    x99 and 10.13

    Curious as well. My setup: Asus X99-A USB 3.1 (my experience has been that the same EFI/config/kexts/etc will also work in X99 Deluxe) intel 5960X trying to update from 10.12.6 curious what changes might need to be made to EFI.
  9. kobe80

    Keychain issues

    Hi friends, I've been getting a lot of keychain issues, the latest one I'm getting, I'm so far not able to fix. Trying to figure out if it's a Sierra thing, or just my installation, or combo with hardware.. or how to fix, other than deleting 'keychains' folder, or creating a new keychain. 1st issue: Specifically, I was using Outlook 2016 (Mac obviously), & I couldn't log into my email. I have 2 accounts set up but one would always give me problems. I finally realized that resetting keychain or deleting that key fixed the problem. Not such a problem anymore, however it seems to come back every now & then. 2nd issue: Wi-Fi. This one I've not figured out yet. my Wi-fi won't stay connected, and when I try to connect, it says 'a keychain cannot be found for (network name), then has a reset button, but that button seems to reset the entire keychain for everything. So I do it, then reboot, and still has the problem! wi-fi not connected automatically. I go connect manually, same pop-up, same problem.. every time I reset and it doesn't fix it. I'm about ready to just reinstall Sierra but I'd rather know what's going on so I can just fix it if possible, and not have it come up again. My setup, if it might matter: Asus X99-A Intel 5960X (8-core) i7 Sierra 10.12.5 Clover
  10. Hi friends, I've been running 10.12.4 for a while, and things have been fine. Yesterday nVidia driver prefs told me a new driver was available, so i downloaded, then installed it. After installing the driver, before rebooting, i used AGDPFix. it seems to always help so that when i reboot i still have video. This time it didn't. Now my machine won't boot. Even if i use nv_disable=1, the machine just won't boot. it goes to apple loading screen then just turns black, then computer restarts. :/ My setup: Asus X99-A USB 3.1 5960X i7 (8-core) GTX 650 GPU Sierra 10.12.4 Clover
  11. Here are 3 pictures of different errors i get in different apps. One is DiskMakerX - creating an OS Installer -error says: "error creating partition map: Framework unable to communicate with diskmanagementd (-69812) (1)" Another is Disk Utility - just formatting -error says: " Erase process has failed. Click Done to continue." and "Framework unable to communicate with the Disk Management daemon. Operation failed.." Another is Techtool Protogo - creating repair disk -error says: "An error occurred while trying to partition your device and your device could not be partitioned. Please try again. If the problem persists contact technical support. (6)" -so those first 2 sound similar, both mention framework unable to communicate with diskmanagementd & the disk management daemon, which sure sound like the same thing. Just not sure how to fix it.
  12. kobe80

    X99-A Reboots on sleep

    i already had VoodooTSCSync, but i changed config.plist to darkwake=0 & it didn't fix it. :/
  13. Hi friends, I'm having a tough time reformatting drives or USB sticks, whether it be with Disk Utility, or any 'installers' such as DiskMakerX or TechToolProtogo. It just errors out. System: Sierra 10.12.3 Asus X99-A USB 3.1 5960X (8-core, 3.0 ghz) Clover SIP is disabled, for whatever that's worth. When i format drives or USBs on my Macbook Pro, no problem, but with the hack, it always gives errors. Any ideas?
  14. Hi friends, Every time my machine goes to sleep, it just reboots. Any ideas? Wondering if there's a bios setting or config file edit, or kext to install.. System: Asus X99-A USB 3.1 5960X (8-core, 3.0 ghz) Clover Sierra 10.12.3 Screenshot of settings attached.