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  1. AAAwesome!! I had slow connection too. And all the time I had the following in the Console: I had download rate around 5KB/s and upload was fine. I've been struggling with this since the end of October. Finally it's fixed. After an hour or so of experiments and research I did this: get Tiger IONetworking.kext and put PCGenRTL8139Ethernet in plugins. And voila!! Thank you for ideas.
  2. Somehow based on your solution I've got a better idea. There's a script which is responsible for mounting ntfs-3g volumes. Instead of remouting a volume it is possible to mount it with default_permissions option automatically. You just have to edit this file: /System/Library/Filesystems/ntfs-3g.fs/Contents/Resources/ntfs-3g.mount There's a line which says: local OPTIONS="${OPTIONS}volname=${LABEL} " I have replaced it with local OPTIONS="${OPTIONS}default_permissions,volname=${LABEL} " And voila! - no more insufficient privilegies error when using 1.417 version. Now it works fine. I had problems mounting ordinary DVDs with version 1.516 so I had to downgrade to 1.417. I'm about to try 1.616 using Fink soon.