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    network problems

    When you say can not access internet, I assume you mean in a browser, try to ping google.com see if it at least resolves googles IP. Try it with subnet mask ripper
  2. ripprasternode

    cant get mac to start

    Try something like- I installed osx "10.4.?" with "patches?" on a "cpu type?" with "motherboard/chipset?". The problem is.... etc. Since your problem sounds hardware-ish, you should also mention that the computer runs windows ok, to avoid answers like "get a higher wattage psu" or "a better cpu fan" ripper
  3. ripprasternode

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Here's a good comparison for you, my mac mini Mac Mini G4 1.4 512mb Results 40.37 I'm getting an i915 775 board next week. All the onboard gear seems OSx86 OK, I look forward to the results. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/MotherBoard/Pro...-8I915ME-GL.htm macmini14.txt