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  1. Yes, your point makes totally sense. I have not thought about it that way before.But still, since I've used the left button for answering a phone as long as I can remember (and still do on my home phone), I' actually sometimes press the Decline button by mistake. Really annoying. I dont whant two standards, one is enough for me. So, if someone knows a way, please let me know. I've tried searching for this without any luck.
  2. I just bought my first iPhone and so far I'm pretty annoyed. For example, the Answer and Decline button for incoming calls are backwards, Answer to the right and Decline to the left. Is there actually a point in making it this way, when every other phone has it the other way around, Answer to the left and Decline to the right? Is there a way to change this? My device is a iPhone 4S, IOS 5.0.1, Jailbroken.
  3. Yes, sound is working without ALC885_889a. With only a modified AppleHDA i S/L/E
  4. Great guide! Seems to be working just fine on my Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME. Audio and network works, haven't tried PATA yet. On little problem tho... I have a "2x Realtek 8111C chip" and with the RealtekR1000SL.kext my ethernet is showing in "Bluetooth-PAN". No big problem since internet is working fine, but it is annoying when it is showing wrong in network settings. I removed RealtekR1000SL.kext and installed RealtekRTL81xx.kext instead and now it is showing under Ethernet instead of Bluetooth-PAN. Works! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1697107 I can tell you and everyone else that MBR install is working perfect. Installed using the files provided by Eliade in the first post. Also, on my (MBR) disk, lion is installed on my second partition, not the first. Worked anyway.
  5. after FakeSMC v2.5 I am finally able to boot snow leopard in 64bit mode. but sadly macfuse dose not seam to work in 64bit mode for me so I am back to 32bit for now.
  6. trasman

    IDE support for Gygabite GA-EP45-DS4

    A kext for this driver would be very much appreciated. Bought my Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME last mount and PATA is the one things not working for me.
  7. trasman

    Possible to change language?

    Have you tried using Pacifist? I used it to install Swedish language from the OSX DVD. But tis was on 10.4.9 Where did you get your language pkg? I am in need of the Swedish pkg for 10.5
  8. trasman

    Freezes on install.

    Okay. I got it to work using the unofficial r3 patch.
  9. trasman

    Freezes on install.

    Does anyone have any idea?
  10. trasman

    Freezes on install.

    Hi I have read about other people having trubel with freezing install, but hav not read anything like mine problem. I have tried some different version: iATKOS v1.0i Reboots after Darwin bootloader iATKOS v1.0ir2 Install boots up fine. Installation frezzes halfway through. Actually more like stops installing, the animated status bar is still animated, but not advancing. I have tested the medium using the apple dvd tester before the install and no error was found. I have tested it many times now with no success. KALYWAY 10.5.1 Same as iATKOS v1.0ir2 CPU: Intel P4 3.2GHz SSE3 Motherboard: Shuttle FS56 v2 Chipset: SiS 661FX Grafic Card: nVidia GeForce XF5200
  11. I also tried to update from 10.4.9 to 10.4.11 like Sipheren just sad. It worked for me and I use 8.9.1 kernel. I wonder if I can update the kernel? Last time I updated it (don't remember what kernel) my USB support stoped working, so I undid it using a norto ghost image I had made before update.
  12. trasman

    Old iPod, New UI

    I don't feel like messing up my iPod so I guess it's better with a complete guide on how to do this. If you have the time XDriveNx, it would be perfect.
  13. trasman

    Slow Boot / Computer

    Thanks for the link. It helped me alot. Now I'm booting to OSX in 30sec. I have tryed the uphucks install disc to try install osx 10.4.9. But I'm no good with kernals and do not know anything about them. Anyway I ended up install it 6 times or so using diferent kernals each time and every time I got the gray screen with the "turn of toyr computer" text after install finish and reboot. Maby there is none kernels working for my system exept the one I am presently using (samthex 8.8.1)
  14. Ohh man this was realy what I been looking for the hole time. My chipset: SiS 661FX = 0x55131039 Used to take med 120sec to boot in to OSX now it takes 30sec! Many thanks.