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  1. GTS 450 No Acceleration 10.7.3

    So I made the silly decision this weekend to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion because I'd read in a couple places that Lion had cured the infamous Fermi Freeze. I installed Lion and had a mostly incident-free installation, but I have had 0 luck with my GTS 450 (a 1024MB Galaxy GTS 450, if it matters). I have spent the past 24 hours digging through the forums, looking for a solution. I've tried npci boot flags, the official nVidia drivers, editing AGPM and NVDAGF100HAL with my device ID. I even tried an EFI string for my card. The best scenario I've gotten to is having my card recognized by the system, but I have no acceleration and no resolution control. I have a Dell 3007, and even if i set the display mode to 2560x1600x32 at boot, I only get 1600x1200 resolution. The system lists my display as spdisplays_display. My apologies if this topic's been covered, but for the life of me, I couldn't find any more suggestions beyond those I've listed. If it helps, my motherboard is a GA-P55-USB3 Rev.2. Everything else seems to be chugging along fine, but I'm having zero luck with the 450. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. ECS G41T-M Install

    Wondering if anyone has had any success installing Leopard on an ECS G41T-M motherboard. Tried an install tonight and haven't had any luck with JaS 10.5.4, iDeneb 1.5.5, iPC 10.5.6. Install seemed to go fine, but on the reboot, i couldn't get past the "using 10485 buffer" line. The ECS BIOS is pretty sparse on options, so I'm not sure there's much in there i can adjust to try out. Just want to see if anyone else has gotten one of these boards working. Other components are: SATA Hard Drive nVidia 8600gt IDE DVD-RW drive 2gb DDR2 RAM Core2Duo e6300 thanks in advance for the help
  3. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    i've got a Rev.1.0 of this board, if that would help you all out with testing. I haven't tried Snow yet, but i'd be happy to try it out if it'll help you all out with finding the right kexts.
  4. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    aqua-mac, thanks for all the help and documentation on this. i've flashed my MSI 9800GT OC to a 3700, and after installing the GFX string in Leopard, everything seems to be working swimmingly. I didn't run any benches, but everything seemed to be working properly. So i rebooted my system and let it boot in to windows (XP 64-bit) so i could grab the quadro drivers. got all those installed, and as soon as i got the drivers and tried to up the resolution on my display, I lost signal over DVI. I tried a lot of different things, but when i swapped out for a VGA cable (plugged in to the same DVI port through an adapter) i got picture back. So i can only get picture in windows over VGA with the card flashed as a quadro. Just wanted to see if anyone else had encountered this problem or if anyone had any ideas. I'm amazed that it seems to work flawlessly on my hackintosh partition, but it's all screwy in windows. I'm starting to think it might just be bad XP x64 drivers, but i don't really feel like installing a new OS to test that theory. Any ides would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  5. Multiple DVD Burners

    Looked around and didn't seem like anyone else was having this problem. I have two IDE DVD-RW's in my system, and they work fine in Windows. The cabling is set up properly, but OSX only picks up on the master drive [a TSST]. The other [a Plextor 740a] doesn't show up anywhere, not even in Disk Utility. I'm on a gigabyte ga-965p-s3 board, not sure if that has anything to do with it. If anyone's got ideas, i'd love to hear 'em. Thanks
  6. Slow OpenGL Performance 9800GT

    Well, solved my own problem. turns out it was as simple as turning on QuartzGL in OSX86Tools. Cinebench'd better than it did in windows. Anyway, maybe that'll help someone else out.
  7. Slow OpenGL Performance 9800GT

    Recently got a new MSI 512mb 9800GT gpu and have installed it and used Aquamac's gfx string + driver installer. Everything showed up recognized and i had full QE/CI, so i figured i was good to go. Got curious today and ran Cinebench r10 and noticed that my OpenGL score was significantly worse than when i ran it in XP. I'm guessing something's wrong with the way my card is using OpenGL and wondered if anyone knew what this was or had suggestions. On a more thorough look at my profiler, i noticed my 9800 is showing up as being on a pcie x1 lane, when it's definitely an x16 card in an x16 port. Not sure if that affects/means anything, but just for disclosure's sake. Also, my boot times into leopard have been significantly slower than when i had my 8600GT installed, and i'm thinking this semi-recognized 9800GT might be the cause. I'd appreciate any help or advice you all may have. Thanks!
  8. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    i haven't tried anything that would stress the 3D. considering that info, it seems like that 1.158 might be a better voltage to run at if the clocks are all going to be set the same. I might move mine over to that before i start doing any 3D intensive computing
  9. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    yea, the BIOS flashing definitely isn't risk free. i went in to RBE and loaded up the BIOS from my 4830 and just edited each clock speed to 575/900 with the 1.044 voltage setting. All 8 (or however many) settings are identical. After flashing, I messed around in 10.5.7 for about 10 minutes and didn't see the screen shake/jump once, so i'm assuming that's cleared up the problem
  10. 10.5.7 has been released

    did delta update on my GA-965p-S3 and it all went pretty smoothly. reinstalled drivers from iPC 10.5.6 and it's all running smoothly expect the yukon 8056 isn't connecting to the interwebz. anyone had a similar issue?
  11. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    alright, went back through and i'm guessing i'm on the exact same page you are with your 4830... one output thru DVI, QE/CI working, native res, and shaking issues. guess we'll have to wait it out and see what netkas and others can come up with. but good god it's nice to have my 4830 working somewhat properly. thanks for your help Finale
  12. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    ha, my bad with the basic info then. i think you just have to change the values in the Clock Settings tab section so that they're uniform. i think all of them at 575/900 would be considered to be running them at stock. seems like that's what i've heard of others doing. also: i just got back to working on my 4830, and i removed all the .kext's and reinstalled them at the same time, rebooted, and i got the same funky screen error. how did you go about removing/reinstalling the kexts all at once... do i need to go back to a fresh 10.5.7 and take it from there? EDIT: new thought - just noticed that Profiler is showing my 4830 as a 256mb gpu... my old 8600gt i had in is a 256mb, and i'm thinking maybe the old drivers for it are interfering with the radeon drivers... not sure if that makes any sense, but i'm gonna see if i can purge those and make this thing play nice
  13. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    take a look at techpowerup.com. you'll want to grab the Radeon BIOS Editor and ATIFlash. The Editor will let you load up your current bios, make adjustments to it, then save it to a new .bin. From there, you'll want to set up a DOS boot disk and use ATI flash in DOS to flash your card to the edited BIOS. I believe there's a guide on TechPowerUp that goes through all the steps, or if you couldn't find one, there's always google. It sounds disturbingly technical, but it really isn't that bad. good luck
  14. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    thanks finale. i'll try that after the Lost season finale is over also, if that Quail isn't working for you, i know a lot people have had success with editing their card's BIOS so that the clock speeds remain the same instead of adjusting based on 2d/3d usage. if you're comfortable with doing tweaking the BIOS, i'd suggest giving it a shot
  15. Sapphire 4830 very close to working

    So I was very excited this morning to see Netkas' big 48x0 guide and finally got around to giving everything a shot this evening. I was ecstatic to see that after updating to 10.5.7 I could at least boot up with my 4830 in my machine and get in at an unrecognized 1024x768. I installed the default Natit and the patched framebuffers, and my system was still running at 1024x768. System profiler was finally recognizing the card, but i couldn't change rez and no qe/ci. So i installed the x2000.kext, since i realized that was the last step on netkas' guide that i hadn't finished, and upon reboot, i've been greeted by a gray screen with strange black & white artifacts. When i move my mouse, these artifacts move as well. I've tacked a picture on just so you all know i'm not delusional. Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or knew how to deal with this. I have the Sapphire 4830 with DVI/HDMI/VGA. Any help/suggestions would be amazing.