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  1. All the DSDTs and the P6T SE Kext seem to be down. Pls reupload ! I need them, please hurry
  2. No one wanna help ? ...
  3. Hey guys, 3 Weeks ago i got my hands on the old MBP of my dad, and I used it beside my Windows Gaming PC. All was fine, but now that i started photo editing and all that stuff, I wanted to do it on my 2 big screens, and also the MBP was too slow running @Lion. So i first wanted to buy an iMac, but i dont wanna spend that much money. Then I tried to build a Hackintosh. My Rig: AMD Athlon II X2 550 @X4 (unlocked, fully stable) AsRock 890GM Pro3 with an 890GX NB and 850 SB with VIA VT2020 Sound. Nvidia GTX470 4 Gigs of RAM 2 500GB Hard disks Im a real Newbie and i started trying with my Snow Leo Retail DVD and an OSX86 Mod CD. Updated to 10.6.5. It kinda worked and i got it running, i had sound and all that stuff, only my GFX didnt rly work. So i installed the latest Chimera, then i had Kernel Panic in 70% and in 30% it was smooth and that stuff, but i had only laggy sound. I tried some Kexts and today i kinda broke my Hackintosh, cause it wont boot at all anymore. Now I need help, can somebody tell me a good way how to do this ? Do i need another BootCD, some Kexts ? Would be nice if someone can help me, i dont know what to do right now. Xero P.S: Sorry if my english is sometimes bad, im not a native speaker