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  1. hel

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Could someone put image for USB stick with all these updated work? Because I don't have a running mac.
  2. hel

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Could someone tell me if there is possibility to turn on sound 5.1 mic-in on ALC888 - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L IntelP35/ICH9/PCI-E*16 rev. 1.0? Which one of OS lines Tiger Panter Leopard subversion will do with driver if so? Thanks for any response.
  3. Oki. So, RAID button on the disk utility just for fun, and all I can do just, after i stalling take together rest space(left space from first disk and all second disk ) for RAID mirrored only? Either do I mistake or...? Thankj you.
  4. How to create RAID arrays(stripped and mirrored) on 2 SATA disks while installing system? I saw some disk utility, but I can not figure out how, what are procedures to create RAID arrays and relate to disks or partitions..... I need two RAID arrays - one stripped on two first partitions(32GB each) for system, after them on two partitions RAID mirrored array for an information. Thanks a lot for real answer, not to refer....
  5. If I install system via DVD jas 10.4.8 - is it true that operation system will use all pros/opts from TWO processors Pentium D 3.2Ghz? Cause previous DVDs were patched to work with processors without SSE...etc... Thanks.
  6. hel

    Where Master Boot Record ?

    Thanks a lot. Now I am going to next step: hardware issues....
  7. While I install 10.4.8 my comp restart and I see black screen with blinking cursor....I booted with Hex Disk Editor and I see there is line about partition, active disk etc, but there are NO at all data like should be - no boot code, master boot record,no boot loader code, nothing. So why? and how to solve it?
  8. O! Thank you a lot! But I do not understand where get info about model name of my motherboard? At least in system information I did'nt find anything. And what is that titan? Where can I get the soft? About RAID; I want to get worked in the matrix RAID (0+1) on pair disks, that is system info on RAID0 and my info on RAID1.
  9. Anyone can describe how to setup 10.4.8 in step by step guide for novice? In general, if is it possible that all next hardware will work in 100% of functionality? If so, I'd like to move to study Mac World. I have: Pentium D 3.2 GHz/Intel 82801GB Serial ATA/~Ultra ATA Controllers Graphics/TV out: NVIDIA GeForse 7300 GS + 512 MB Video Memory Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio - and I use Skype with mic,headset Webcam: Logitech "QuickCam for notebooks pro" (mic,built-in) DVD-RAM/RW(First Master port): HL-DT-ST DVDRAMGSA-4167B Screen: ViewSonic 17" TFT USB OEM MS Keyboard USB OEM MS Mouse Disks(3,4 Master ports): 2x SATA ST3250824AS 250 GB Ethernet: Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Modem: U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Host Int Printer/Scanner/Copier: Brother MFC-210C USB USB MultiFormat Storage Card (4 ports) I do not have floppy and instead use flash sticker or SD Cards. I do not use serial,parallel ports at all. Thanks and I will apreciate any knowledge and help!