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    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Hi Dublove, thank you so much for detailed guide, I hope that should help many hackintoshers out there. I am trying to add 1920x1080 vesa mode to my Gigabyte HD5750 but I am stuck on step 2 (analysing vbios). when I execute the commad in terminal, all I get is info about lenth. I dont get any info on modes. I have tried many ways but same results. I am doing it on Lion, may be that is the reason. I have attached my vbios and would really appreciate if you could analyse it on your system and tell me what are the 5 modes (eg: A9EE) for my bios. I can do the rest. Note: there are two bioses in bioses folder, one extracted via gpuz and one via winflash. Once again, thank you so much for doing it for our hackintosh community. bioses.zip bioses.zip
  2. when I was using Snow Leopard, I never had a flashing cursor before chameleon screen apperas, now since I have updated to Lion (clean install) I see a flashing cursor on top left corner with some text (that cant be read as it goes off screen quickly) and then chameleon screen. It only appears for couple of seconds, but is there any way to remove it. I was using chameleon rc5 with Snow Leopard and now chameleon 2 GM. NB: I have moved my kexts from Extra/Extention to root/System/Library/Extentions .That made Lion boot a lot faster but did not remove cursor.
  3. Hi all, I have tried to fix this a lot and no one could really help me on this, so now I am happy to reward someone by paying some cash in his/her PayPal account if he/she can help me solve this. I can donate to the site at your choice as well. The problem: When my LG W2253TQ-PF monitor is connected to my Gigabyte HD 5750 via DVI cable I see a black border (about an inch thick) around all corners of my screen until I see windows login screen. (There is no such border when windows has loaded because gpu driver has loaded then). I also see the same black border in safe mode and bios settings screen (the resolution is fine). However there is no such border if I connect it with VGA cable. My card natively supports vesa resolution of 1920x1080 and so is the resolution of my LG monitor. I know technically it’s called under-scanning/scaling issue but how do I fix it. Scaling options in ATI CCC only helps after windows has booted. I need something that can fix this under scanning issue before winnows has booted. I can't play with monitor settings on digital input. I have tried different monitors, so it’s not a monitor issue. It’s not a resolution issue, it’s a scaling issue. I have I have Asus P6T mobo btw. I have added <key>Graphics Mode</key><string>1920x1080x32@60</string> in both extra folder and /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. Screen width/height and boot width/height adjusted to 1920x1080 in theme.plist Why I am so worried about something like this: Windows has a black background in initial boot process so the black border is not even really visible, I also don’t spend all my time in bios setting screen or in safe mode but I have a Hackintosh running on my machine as my main system which has a grey background during the boot and then this black border becomes really visible and I hate it whenever I boot my system. Thanks in advance NB: I have hex edited vesa modes of vbios in order to fix, it fixed the resolution but not black border. Hackintosh has got nothing to do with it, the problem is independent of Hackintosh.
  4. webJockey

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Hi DieBuche, I have successfully updated my vbios using your guide and I really appreciate your knowledge and guide. I now have unsquased apple logo with correct resolution. But I still see black border around chameleon/apple boot screen (around all corners, about 1 inch thick). I know its under scanning issue, But I just dont know how to fix it, and you seems to me the most knowledgeble person on this. But this black border only appears if I am using DVI input and NOT on VGA. I have tried different monitors with1080p resolution, but issue remains the same, so its not a monitor issue. Once windows/mac has booted up I get get perfect resolution of 1080p. I am using ATI 5750. I have added the resolution in apple.com.plist and modified theme. ATI CCC only hepls scaliing/underscanning/overscaaning issue when syatem has booted up. It does not correct it on initial boot i.e. bios splash screen/ apple grey screen/windows safe mod when the gpu driver has not loaded. I would really apprecaite your help on this.