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  1. Successful installation! Got it booting from my hard drive on a secondary partition .
  2. @MacPeet I will give it a shot to see if a higher smbios would work, I thought 10,1 was the highest the optiplex can go, but I will give it a go. Of my three hackintoshes the optiplex is my oldest one and has been solid for years so I hope to keep its life useful.
  3. I have Sierra installed on my 755 Optiplex but I cannot get the WebDrivers to output to my hdmi tv and it worked perfectly in 10.11.6, I have the NVIDIAWeb=True command enabled and I still get no signal to my tv. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT:GPU is a 750Ti that worked perfectly in 10.11.6
  4. @MacPeet I have downgraded to 10.11.6 for now, but I will try that suggestion later on and see if it will work.
  5. @MacPeet I have that set in my config.plist but still no signal from hdmi let me try taking out the nvda_drv=1 command out of my plist and try rebooting again Edit: taking out nvda_drv=1 and still having a black screen on both hdmi and vga with my tv it won't recognize the external display with the webdrivers on Sierra
  6. I have Sierra installed on my 755 Optiplex which is connected to my tv via hdmi from my GTX 750Ti after upgrading I booted with nv_disable=1 and updated the webdrivers and rebooted, but the display will not come up via hdmi. Could it be something in the framebuffer ? Is there any possible solution to this issue?
  7. @owbp I actually have the q9650 in this hackintosh already which has sse4.1 instruction set. So hopefully I shouldn't have an issue to put Sierra on this machine.
  8. I may try this out on my Optiplex 755 to see if 10.12 works if not then 10.11.6 will be the end of the road for the 755.
  9. Got everything working 100 percent! I installed from internal partition and everything is working fine alongside my main El Capitan install. Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep the Optiplex alive and well.
  10. Yes Clover version is the very latest, FakeSMC is in Other, SMBIOS is iMac 10,1 and I am installing to a created seperate partition on an existing drive but I can try a blank one
  11. @MacPeet I made the USB using the method you mentioned and I get it to load but this is the issue I keep facing:
  12. @MacPeet did you have to do anything different in the install process to get it to work on your 780 I'm hoping to do the same with my 755
  13. @polyzargone I changed the smbios to MacPro 3,1 and the graphics card driver boots up just fine but since the usb patch is for iMac 10,1 I cant use my usb 2.0 ports and the bluetooth on my BCM93460CD wifi+bt card due to the 755 having a 2.0 header but I managed to get a 3.0 pci card and make it work in El Capitan so I can use usb devices no problem. It seems that the iMac 10,1 smbios stopped working with the new web drivers 346.03.06f01 possibly. I attached the NVDAStartup and NVDAStartupWeb kexts just in case you need both. Update: I changed the smbios to MacPro 3,1 and edited the USB_Injector.kext by replacing every model instance of iMac 10,1 in the Info.plist with MacPro 3,1 now I am up and running again! Can't believe I didn't think of doing that sooner it was such a simple fix. NVDAStartup.kext.zip NVDAStartupWeb.kext.zip
  14. I had everything working perfectly including adding a usb 3.0 card to my 755 optiplex on 10.11.4 now I am getting the black screen after boot where sound can be heard but no login screen. I am using a GTX 750 Ti graphics card with latest web drivers. nv_disable=1 does the same thing with black screen.
  15. @morpheousman I figured out my issue with the app store not logging in it turns out the ethernet kexts in the Clover folder would not work correctly under a 755 Optiplex I found an updated kext that worked without issues I have attached it for anyone who has any ethernet issues AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip