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  1. Hi guys I know Snow Leopard can be installed on this computer but there are alot of guides and dont know what am I doing wrong, Ive tried like 4 guides now and havent been able to boot the OSX installation at least. My Computer doesnt boot from USB so thats a no go, but I have a spare Hard Drive and a MacBook Pro early 2009. If someone can point me to the right guide it will be best. I was wondering if i could hook up the spare HDD like a external device on my MBP and install it from my mac and the connect it internally on the PC, was wondering if this approach would work, but have tried with no succes, but still I believe Im using the wrong bootloader and files... OFFTOPIC: I wanted to know your thoughts on running Snow Leopard Server on a hackintosh, and more on this hardware. Vaio: vgc-rc110g Ram: 1 Gb Processor: Pentium D 830@3.0 Gb/s Video: ATI X300 128 mb Net Card: Intel® PRO/1000 PM Network Connection Motherboard: Intel® i945P/PL/G/GZ Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. noptuno

    New Mac Logo for Photoshop

    Ha! nice hehe, didnt know people were after Mac logos like me hehe
  3. here is the Made on a Hackitosh: Is a simple stamp, for Photoshop, any photoshop. Preview: See the Icon of Mac in the bottom? yeah lol heh anyways below is the .abr for PS you can just grab it there hehe or make yourself is very simple... you just need to add this to your Brushes folder under Photoshop, and then start PS and use it you can put any color to it, so experiment with it all you want! EDIT: Can everyone that sees this topic, post new or ideas for stamps of Mac and things.... Misc.abr.zip
  4. noptuno

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    Oh my god this beacame so stupid that people actually stoped talking and counting down the posts... dang... at least mine was 3441! hehe lol let the stupidest stupideit you! EDIT:YEY! And I made the 173 page!! ... ... .... ...Im SO Proud of me!
  5. noptuno

    Realtek Ac97 audio not working

    well that ima try it, but if someone knows the answer to this please post it, hehe thx in advance! BTW: I was trying that a couple of days ago and I didnt find anything... so..., but gonna check some other search options and new words i didnt tried tho, to hope i get something hehe
  6. noptuno

    Realtek Ac97 audio not working

    I have a Realtek AC97: Ven:1002 Dev:4341 PNP:0x43411002 And I dont think I can do this http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...t_Patching_List , well i did it and it didnt work so, what should i do?
  7. noptuno

    Computer shutdown on boot

    try -x flag, to do this when computer is booting, right after the bios bootscreen(first screen when a comp turns on), press F8 so it shows up like an inputting command, type -x and enter, see if that works BTW yesterday I installed MACOSX in a Toshiba and today when I log in to mac account it shutsdown like in 2 minutes, dang it, need to reapir that hehe anyways try that and post if it works ----BTW If your comp has heat sensors, probably itll shutdown because is too hot, so you better check on that too, try putting it in a cold place, if it isnt that then it most be driver or app problems... (mine is the heat sensors if I dont have it in a cold place itll shutdown without even asking...)
  8. Is there anything for the Linksys or ralink threw PCI kexts, or something we can send you over or something to know about? yet? What are the news Is what I mean... lol, dont keep news for yourself! hehe if theres anything we can help please tell us...
  9. noptuno

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hey guys any help with, people having trouble with the sound like it was at low volume and sounding scratchy? any info would be most appreciated, thx in advance
  10. noptuno

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    B612: Man thanks is working, but is working with scrtchy sound and it doesnt sounds alots, i mean is like the volume was low... is the a fix for this? Edit: hahaha, i just changed the output to the(mean connect the cable in the headphones plug), headphones output and i can hear it more that at the lineout output, still i cant hear it as much as at windows... lol
  11. noptuno

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hey guys how do i fix the kernel panic when patching the applehda, i have the 8.8.1 darwin kernel, so does anyone knows whats the problem?
  12. noptuno

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Haahahhahahahaha, damn, guys im trying to get my sigmatel 7661 working for sometime now, and i didnt know what was the kernel panic, till i reseaarch it, and always that I apply a patch to the applehdapatcher, it always gets me a kernel panic...lol, anyone has the solution?
  13. noptuno

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hey all: have anyone got the sigmatel 7661, to work? im having a real pain trying to get this one to work... please help, thanks
  14. Hey prasys can you contact me for some problems Im having with a video card, qwertz sent me...

    email: matico55@hotmail.com

  15. noptuno

    Canon Rebel XTi

    I got an Olympus, and their line of lenses are great, till you get some cheap telephoto lens, like the Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm 1:3.5-4.5, the closest you can get to an object is 1.5m thats 4.9 ft, and if your shooting at 150mm the quality is very degradaded, so im trying to get my hands on a nikon to see it optics and how does it feel in my hand; I personally dont like canon too much because is what everyones gets and well Im a rebel kid so.... I think you got the Idea, still the first camera I came in love with was the Canon Rebels.... so I have something intimately with them... lol