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  1. Yes Verdants method at the start of this topic isnt the usual [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]/[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method. Takes a bit more work but you can get Snow Leopard to a functioning state within a few hours depending on your configuration. For example Verdants boot disc utilises drivers/kexts for using SATA devices within the Snow Leopard installer. The [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] disc doesnt have them and therefore the installer does not detect SATA devices such as hard drives or DVD drives most of the time.
  2. LOL Just call me "Verdant-junior" EDIT: AHA! I've managed to update to 10.6.8 with the NPCI kernel flag from the other thread! Thanks man, you'll certainly be getting a donation from me. Although it will be in a week sometime lol, student funds aren't anything to be proud of! Oh by the way, where does the VoodooHDA kext go? E/E or S/L/E? And while using Safari my system sometimes locks up and I have to open Terminal (trying to open an application using its icon makes the dock unresponsive aswell) and do killall Safari (a command which I made up and it somehow worked lol). Using Firefox now and later I will do a CMOS reset to see if it fixes anything. My CPU is overclocked but I dont think that would have made too much of a difference considering it is perfectly stable in Windows?
  3. 'Still waiting for root device' error

    You need to find an ATA kext for that chip. We nForce owners have the same problem if we dont install ApplenForceATA.kext.
  4. Thanks CCC worked before I saw this post but thanks anyway lol I think it was the fact that I was cloning to a partition that wasnt the next physical one on the disc because all the other settings were the same. Will try out those terminal commands and report back. EDIT: Seems that Chameleon broke my installation somehow, I installed RC5 which gave a "Still waiting for root device" error. I could still boot into it from my Atkos DVD so I installed RC2 like in the main guide and that stalled aswell. It also gave me the USB problem again on my backup partition when I booted from Atkos. Today I'm going to wipe the main partition that has the Chameleon install on it to see if it fixes it. Before that though I'm going to try with those boot files. BTW I installed both while in the Backup partition, I told the installer to install to the Main volume. EDIT 2: couldn't get the boot file stuff to work so I deleted the main partition. My backup partitions usb problems are now gone. Does this mean that there's some sort of incompatibility with chameleon and my system? I'm going to see if i can install Chimera, the other bootloader. EDIT 3: That also gave me "waiting for root device". I think its because I dont have an /Extra directory because the Chimera installer mentioned that it needs .com.apple.chameleon.plist in there and not .com.apple.Boot.plist. How can I go about fixing this? I'm really stumped on this one lol EDIT (again lol) : I was messing about with making an /Extra directory on the Main partition from the Backup partition. Of course it didnt work lol and for some reason it also made the USB problem come back with the Backup partition. Deleted both the Main and Backup partitions, first formatted to FAT and then back to Mac Journaled. I finished cloning Vanilla (still working at the time) to Backup (the next physical volume) and the USB's gone again. Its also gone from Vanilla now. Is this some kext incompatibility? Im currently trying to reinstall SL on a completely different 40GB drive. This will be my "Vanilla" drive and I made two partitions on the old drive, Backup and Main in that order. This should at least determine if its a problem with the drive somehow. -----Right, this time as soon as it finished installing on my 40GB drive I copied it to my backup volume from the Retail install disc. Both worked. Then I unplugged the 40GB and booted from the Backup to copy to the Main. During the backup (with disc utility) it froze and now the Backup is unusable because of the USB error. Im booting back into the retail mac disc now to copy the 40GB drive files onto the Backup again. -----Its working again, but in Safe Mode (-x) the USB doesnt work, and during bootup there are a lot of "AppleUSBEHCI" errors with lots of different letters and numbers after each. These messages come in blocks of 5 or 10 with the occasional other message in between like "DSMOS has arrived". Any ideas on this? -----Chameleon refuses to install now. It fails at Post Install Actions. Although I did try it and put all the kexts that you said to in E/E and changed the boot file, it is still saying "Still waiting for root device" when I try and boot straight from the HDD without my Atkos DVD. BTW Cloning from the Install DVD is having a 100% success rate currently lol EDIT: AHA! I GOT CHAMELEON WORKING! Like a fool I forgot to put com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra .... Now I can finally get to work with those terminal commands after I get my graphics sorted. After a backup of course
  5. Hmmm I'm still having the usb problem with my backups. No mouse or keyboard input. I tried repairing disc permissions but that didn't work. I'll wipe the backup partition and try with carbon copy cloner this time. Don't want to attempt any terminal commands on my working partition at the moment lol. I am sure that most peoples backups work properly so is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a better, more reliable way of backing up? Edit: using ccc I'm backing up to my "backup" partition now. This first one was a small vanilla partition. I think the problem might have been because I was copying to my main partition which had the "backup" in between it and vanilla Edit: thank God the backup worked now lol. Will backup again to my main partition (i know I'm probably being overly cautious lol) and get to work with those terminal commands after I install a bootloader. I've been booting off my iatkos dvd chameleon all this time lol
  6. Having a bit of a different problem now lol, I'm booting into the hard drive install with -v -f maxmem=2048 and i just get loads of "firewire guid ffffffffffffff is invalid!" I'll try again this time turning off the firewire from the BIOS and report back. Edit: works now. Booted into it and all working fine. Apart from sound, graphics, network and maybe a few other things lol. First thing i'll do though is backup. I've never used Firewire anyway so that doesnt bother me EDIT 2: This is strange. I thought after the last boot the -f flag would have made extensions.mkext cache the new loaded kexts (or does -f do something other than reload kexts?) so this time I tried booting with maxmem=2048 alone and that gave me a "You need to restart" screen. Rebooted and this time used the same flags as the first time (-v -f maxmem=2048) and it worked. Backing up now.
  7. Nope, definitely a DVD. Verbatim DVD-R. Quite a good brand too. But lol I forgot about the second bit so will try again now. EDIT: Did the F5 thing with the boot flags and its currently installing. It worked even with all the EBIOS errors. Good work on making a disc that works even when the computer doesnt lol
  8. Its not a hard drive problem. The system has no kext for your SATA chip. What is your motherboard model?
  9. Hi Verdant, recieved my retail Snow Leopard DVD today. Your NForceSL132 DVD doesnt seem to be working for me. Specs are in my sig. I have made all the BIOS options that I can match the ones from your template. What happens is after my BIOS boots into the DVD (after the bit with the names and copyright and all the dots), it starts putting out error messages: EBIOS read error : Error 0x32 Block 0xbb4c Sectors 0 EBIOS read error : Error 0x32 Block 0xbb54 Sectors 0 EBIOS read error : Error 0x32 Block 0xbb50 Sectors 0 Each of these messages come up a good 10 times each before moving onto the next error message. After a while it boots up into Darwin so I can swap the discs. However the background picture is offset to the right of the screen so I can only see a few words of what is written there. Everything else is in the correct position. When I swap the discs I wait a good 30 seconds before selecting Legacy Boot CD. It however doesnt boot and it stops at "system uptime". I have tried both PATA and SATA versions. I burnt both at 4x speed (The lowest my drive does). The same errors occur on both.
  10. iAtkos S3 V2 - Crashing

    I'll check it tomorrow but it seems to fail to load every file. I am using an IDE dvd drive for everything mac related which is set to master. I'll check the BIOS tomorrow too. It looks like verbose but every line is "error: failed to load ....." Or something similar to that. I'll check it properly tomorrow. I burnt the dvd at 4x, the slowest i could. Again, thanks for the help, much appreciated
  11. iAtkos S3 V2 - Crashing

    I dont understand this, all of a sudden my install just broke. After the last failed attempt I booted into Backup to clone the drive over, did that, fixed permissions, the "You need to restart" screen came up on the main partition. Tried to boot back into Backup and now that isnt giving my USB any power. Right now I'm back in Vanilla and had to boot with maxmem=2048 cpus=1 busratio=24. Even this would give a "You need to restart" screen immediately with just maxmem=2048. The partitions were in order this time like you said to make them in the other thread (Vanilla, Backup, Main), I didnt mess with the Vanilla partition at all while working with drivers. I think theres some other problem here, when my retail Snow Leopard arrives (tomorrow I hope), I'll give that a go with your guide. Do you think it will work though? Seeing as a distro with drivers already there doesnt even work properly. By the way, your NforceSLBoot132 DVD doesnt boot on my computer, when it boots from disc it just gives a load of error messages one after the other. Eventually it restarts. Could this be due to some BIOS setting? Thanks for all the help. EDIT: So now I'm left with a rather stupid question of "How do I clone partitions properly" lol EDIT 2: Actually I'll do a reinstall and this time forget about CCC, I'll use disk utility instead. See if that lets me boot into partitions properly.
  12. iAtkos S3 V2 - Crashing

    Right, OK. Where can I find this new Nforce kext? I cant seem to find it with Google lol I tried renaming and using the AnV 64 Bit one from Snow Support Files 2.3 and changing the Boot.plist but then it hangs on USB unable to enumerate a device. Above that it said AppleNForceATA.kext not found.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a go in a bit. When I installed OSX in Disk Utility I told it to make 2 partitions, the top one I made Main and the bottom one Backup. I would never have thought for the life of me lol that something as trivial as that would have made a difference. So what I need is a 10GB "Vanilla" Partition, a Backup partition and a Main partition in that order? Thanks, I'll see how it works out. Currently reinstalling. When its installed the first thing I will do is copy the "Vanilla" to Main and in main apply the 64 bit fixes from the other thread to see how they work out. If they work I'll copy it back to Vanilla and then not modify that any more. Graphics will not be working properly but I dont mind that lol, I found a fix earlier involving editing the Boot.plist. I'm not too sure about it stability wise though so I'll try that out on the Main partition. EDIT: Found out what the problem was. For some reason the USB ports (any of them) dont work when I boot from a backup. Theres not even any power going to the devices. I think Carbon Copy Cloner may be messing about. Trying again this time I reformatted the Main partition from Disc Utility just to make sure its in the right format, and I told CCC to "Backup Everything" and also delete whatever's on the Main partition. After the copy I'm going to make sure the USB drivers are there on the Main Partition. By the way my partitions are now Vanilla, Backup, Main and for some reason my Backups always come out with a higher size than the Vanilla partition even though the Main was blank before. EDIT 2: Got it to work. After that disk clone the backup booted to that apple stop sign thing. Booted into my Vanilla partition, opened disc utility, first clicked "repair disk" and then "repair disc permissions". Works now. Now will copy again to the backup partition and proceed to try out those fixes.