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  1. AMD install Mavericks

    Are there any updates to this? I have been trying to install with an r7 260x installed and have had no luck. Please let me know. The biggest problem has been getting a boot to boot from an EFI with that card plugged in. apparantly you need to use CLOVER bootloader to go from EFI. But I always get 3MB GPU in the ABOUT when that card is plugged in. I don't know. But please help if you can. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I also have this motherboard. I've been trying to have a solid bootup for a while. I have 24GB RAM Overclocked to 2000MHz. However I constantly have to reset BIOS and reapply settings and whatnot. I get mixed results. Like as of this reply, I have 16GB (recognizing 4 out of 6 DIMMS) Profiler sees the DIMM slot 5 and 6 as empty. During the RAM scan process during boot up, it scans and then stops after 16GB so I know it's a BIOS problem and not OSX I will try to help where i can with this build. I'm interested in getting FIREPRO 3d V7800 to work but currently I'm using AMD HD 6670 2GB. I halso have a HD5450 but it never works----can't get acceleration. I'll try your methods because I've been installing ML using other methods. I'm having a problem with Speedstep USB 3.0 currently. I appreciate all of your efforts. BTW I have the i7 980X 3.3GHz Overclocked to 3.43GHz however profiler lists it as unknown Brandon's DSDT.zip
  3. Lion post install drivers

    Yo register on OSX Latitude Forum. We need to stay on one collected site for our Latitudes. We have made a lot of progress with the E.D.P. method. I am working on getting the battery indicator working along with biometric fingerprint reader, RFID reader, Sleep, Two-Finger scrolling. See you there!
  4. Leo4All V3 on AMD X2 & Asus M2A-VM

    same problem with the FireWire. Can't get around it to install iATKOS L2?
  5. did you find a solution ?
  6. firewire guid ffffffffffffffff is invalid

    let me know if you found a resolution
  7. Getting around "firewired GUID is invalid" error

    have you found the workaround yet? I disabled my USB in BIOS and instead of install from USB you have to install via Disc. But, That only worked for the 10.6.3 install. If I try to do iATKOS, I can't get past it. Let me know if you found any solutions. Thanks.
  8. OSX on Dell Latitude E6520...

    Really?!?! Still no reply? Okay, well here is my update: I've tried iATKOS L2 with chameleon installed to the same USB. Boots great installs great. But, I can't get into the install after it is done. Don't know where to go next. Any help?
  9. Dell Latitude E6420

    Are both graphic cards installed on the Dell E6520? I only have the Intel HD 3000 reported and it comes up as 64 MB?
  10. OSX on Dell Latitude E6520...

    I don't know what you guys are doing as of today (27 MAR 2012) but I'm getting nowhere with any install method. My best method is definitly ###### with 10.7 Lion on it. As far as DSDT, they all suck. I get a Kernel panic with all of them that are suggested. This thread is a little old it seems so I am asking for updated help. I have asked on several different forums including other sites. There is an OSX on Latitude site that should be helpful and it isnt. There have been suggestions to use an E6420 pack with cHameleon instead of Chimera for bootloader. I believe Chameleon is better as it works with ChamPlist. I like using ChamPlist because I can easily get my 1600x900x32 going. However the Intel HD 3000 reports 64 MB???? I did have the trackpad, keyboard and pointer between keys G and H working but don't remember what I did. Anyway, any assistance that will get the DELL E6520 to boot OS X Lion to boot successfully without -x -v everytime and has clean resolution. please let me know. Thank you.