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  1. 4870x2 on Lion

    Also noticed that if i patch the dsdt, with this card in, OSX doesnt boot. Not with -x or -f -r v NOTHING. Tried another cheap card, boom...straight to the desktop.
  2. 4870x2 on Lion

    hi guys! Thanks in advance for your help. After struggling for a few days and successfully installing and booting Lion(10.7.1 after system update). Im left with just one thing missing. I can't make my 4870x2 work correctly. Im stuck in whatever resolution i set via kernel flags, and of course no QE/CI. I tried using ATYinit kext, qeci exotic patch, but still no luck. My config is: Ex58ud5 i7 920 3x2gb ddr3 visiontek 4870x2 dell u2711 everything else seems to be working...but I'm struggling to get this to work.... Please advise! Thanks again. Vic.
  3. Don't want to hijack your thread. What kext did you use for the 4870? Having issues with my X2. Sorry for the OT.
  4. Hp Mini 210 VT

    May i ask what guide did you use to get to 10.6.8, i just started with hackintoshesssss and its blowing my head...ive spent the whole last week on my Mini 210 to no avail. EDIT: i do have a retail osx, but im not even able to boot into it. please advise. thanks!!!!