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  1. 10.9 Kernel [XCPM-free]

  2. AppleHDA for ALC665

    ahh, haven't tested yet but thanks!!!!
  3. Trouble Enabling Audio on Realtek ALC665

    Hey ryancyrus, Could you give me a bit of details? Are you using a kext in Clover's EFI? what version of Clover? Are you still using webcivilian's kext? Anything you had to change about when switching from Chimera/Chameleon to Clover? Thanks! (Running Dell XPS L702x with GT555M and ALC665)
  4. So I'm running Dell L702x 3D, same problems, disabled Hardware Acceleration which works great.. I have a dedicated GPU (GT555m) which is most likely the culprit if acceleration is the issue, It's likely the cause of having a GPU that isn't supported directly by OS X. It could also most likely be software, I updated Flash to 13.x Beta and Firefox works fine now but Safari is still effed (purple/green flashes) and Aurora (Firefox Alpha) doesn't work either which is strange... I'd give it a few versions. I'm not sure what you guys mean by responsiveness issues, the hardware acceleration turned off works just fine, YouTube's new layout loads very smoothy... it's very possible you have graphical issues? Since all video drivers are native in 10.9.X, I'm sure it's causing a ton of problems, my hackint0sh worked much better in 10.7.4 and 10.8.2 with modified Nvidia kexts, since 10.9, I can't even play LoL anymore without constant stuttering...
  5. anybody having issues with the camera in 10.9.2? Neither Skype or FaceTime seems to be picking it up, can't find much support on the topic since it was originally supported without a kext... Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_2HDM: Product ID: 0x2fb1 Vendor ID: 0x0408 (Quanta Computer Inc.) Version: 9.01 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: CN07CN2C7866421G0209A00 Location ID: 0x1a140000 / 4 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 250
  6. Patching SBUS in DSDT

    Oh no, the Dev is retired could anyone help me on this topic?
  7. This script did not work on my Dell XPS L702x with 3D Display (it read the product and vendor ID as blank), But I did it manually and got it working, it is detected as LCD Display but not built-in, I think I need to get the built-in monitor to get the brightness slider
  8. Enoch Bootloader

    Hi Fabio, I have been using your Enoch bootloader for a while now and it's great! I recently figured out how to get brightness controller working on my L702x in conjunction with your EnableBrightness=Yes flag I have one question, I use SkipATIgfx=Yes because I have a Nvidia GT555M, am I using this flag correctly? or should I be using SkipNvidiagfx? Thanks, ssgoku129
  9. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Hey ivik, I am working on a Dell XPS L702x with 3D.... I have attempted your kext several times over the past 2 years with close success (whereas I could get values and set values using the brightness cmd but nothing would change until the system was rebooted) but now I've finally got it! At first I thought it was my weird modifications to my DSDT, but thank god it wasn't! It turns out Enoch's revision of the Chameleon bootloader had a flag to "EnableBacklight=Yes" Enoch is a bootloader dedicated to improving systems with Nvidia graphics. So that magical flag allows your kext to work!! Hope this helps other Nvidia users!
  10. Can't change brightness on my hackintosh

    Hey dude just curious if you managed to get the ACPI backlight working more "officially", e.g. with Apple Brightness Bezel
  11. does not work on Internal PCI JMicron Card Readers
  12. I'd also like to know progress on this, can't seem to get my turbo working past x32 anymore, used to hit x44 and many states in between back in 10.7.4. 10.7.5,10.8.0,10.8.1,10.8.2 have been giving me serious TurboBoost issues, that the AppleIntellCPUPM patch doesn't seem to solve anymore