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  1. The reason why Mac OS X is so stable is because it is specifically built to run on Apple's hardware. Window$, which is capable of running on a wider variety of hardware suffers from a host of problems because of this. I do not believe Apple will want to allow their OS to run on generic hardware. Just imagine if Apple had to bundle all the drivers possible onto an install CD! An OS X install CD can be used on any (modern) Macintosh computer and be fully functional right out of the box. Try doing that with a Window$ installation. After installing the base OS, you then have to scour to find your driver installation disks or download your drivers somewhere online. The trade off of opening the OS is stability. I believe that opening OS X would result in a support nightmare for Apple. Just imagine all of the driver errors and kernel panics! I would rather have a stable and reliable operating system that works on specific hardware rather than a sloppy and unreliable operating system that works on any PC. This is just my opinion and I am sure there are people who think differently.