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  1. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Ok, will check it later. One more question: Are you have the CMOS resets(I'm not sure about this name, but it's looks like the double booting after pressing Start button) when shutdown or restart?
  2. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hello brotherhoods. Did anyone got update to 10.7.3? Do you have any problems with that?
  3. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hello. I've tested sleep on my W520 and it fully works - USB2.0 and USB3.0 are both work properly after wakeup.
  4. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Finally I got working batery with this Voodoo batery kexts:http://min.us/msXfjaFvL They don't work with iStats, but works fine with system indicator. I have last issue - my usb devices don't work after sleep. I've tried USB fix in Chameleon, but it does not work. Any way, gothic860 very big thanks for your guide, and if you have some ideas about next improvements fell free to ask, I can help you with search or programming stuff.
  5. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Yes, I've used this version and installed it with Kext Utility(for many times it works fine). Also, in the first post you can add what VGA port also works fine, but I also got this situation: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=274268 and thinking about how to fix it. And last question: do you know about some works with default Wi-Fi and card reader?
  6. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    I've followed your guide include DSDT sutff, but I did not see anything about battery on it. Can you check my DSDT or write which part of "DSDT stuff" I must complete? My DSDT.aml you can download here-> http://min.us/mbitIxLTop
  7. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    So I got MacOS to work. Thanks for solution with GPT style partition I've patched installer and install Mac on MBR. I've fixed GPU - so now it works fine, and I added it to DSDT. I just have last issues: I don't have working battery(in this time I installed only AppleSmartBateryManager.kext and iStats always promt me "Charged" and system always think what I'm working from the battery. May be do you now what I must fix into DSDT? And VoodoHDA always reset "SSE2" mark and sound is a bit laggy.
  8. Hi. I just connected my TV with screen resolution 1920x1080 to my Hackintosh(specs are in my signature, the Asus P5Q SE machine), and saw what image does not stretch to full display size. See photo for more information. Thank you!.
  9. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hi gothic860, first of all thanks for you guide, and the seconds - I have some issues and I need some help. I complete first step from your guide(I've formated my HDD as GUID, make 3 partitions, and on the one of them I've installed 10.7, in the next step installed bottolader and other kexts before first reboot), but after it I can't boot from HDD, without any errors I got Lenovo boot devices list. Also, I don't have battery indication and I'm not sure about it work. Did you check the "Laptop install" under [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] options? And the last - I got working video(at least menu bar is transparent), but it's not so fast and is luggy. Thank you for any help, and sorry for my English.
  10. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on a ThinkPad W520

    Hey, guys. I have the same laptop and from the above messages I read what you have some problems with hardware. Have you tested the Snow leopard against Lion? I just need a good working system for programming( 10.6.8 and above). So what you can suggest for me: install Lion or to install Snow leopard? Thanks and sorry for my English.
  11. Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T520/W520

    Thank you Will520 I will try to use this guide as soon as possible, and I will write about results.
  12. Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T520/W520

    waldojim, hi. What about latest news about 10.6.8 on your laptop? I have similiar laptop, so can you write me the steps to start working with Snow Leopard, or may be have you tried to install Lion? Also, we can dive together to install and bring the OS works in this laptop.