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  1. XFX Radeon HD 6870 2GB GDDR5 low score at Cinebench

    Alright, that was easier than expected! I fixed it with ###### settings: patched appleintelcpupowermanagement & SSDT i7 and in BIOS (F10 firmware): 'realtime CPU control in OS' disabled . CPU now goes up to 3500Mhz dynamically and Cinebench stats are back to 47fps/6.5pts. * Edit: it even gets better, now getting 51.89fps/6.70pts Geekbench 32bit = 11866 Luxmark CPU = 450, GPU yields error, seems to be a Luxmark issue from what I read Oceanwave = 341.4 fps * Edit#2: toyed some more in BIOS, set CPU multiplier and turbo ratios, installed i7-overclocked SSDT. CPU now boosts up to 4.2GHz. Cinebench: 58.15fps/7.40pts (runs damn hot though!)
  2. XFX Radeon HD 6870 2GB GDDR5 low score at Cinebench

    Hi people, thanks a lot for the info here. Here's my experiences on the subject. I have an XFX HD6870 2GB version, GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 mobo, i7 2600k (non-oc), 8GB RAM (clocked at 1600mhz). I used to have around 48fps/7pts in Cinebench on OSX 10.7.2, Chimera/###### (don't remember the version), SMBIOS macpro3,1, graphicsenabler=yes. When I checked again the other day I got less than half, 21fps/3pts, no matter what. Not sure at what point I did something that killed the performance but I wanted to fix it. Needed to update to 10.7.4 anyway. With this config AGPM is not running. First I updated to Chimera1.11 / Multibeast4.6.1. Same results. Then I changed SMBIOS to macpro5,1 (had to delete appletymcedriver.kext in the process to prevent KP). Results back at 47fps/7pts. AGPM running (without editing anything). Happy. Then I updated OSX to 10.7.4 and the results are back to 21fps/3pts. AGPM still loading though. Not Happy. Any ideas on this? NB: Unigine seems to run the same on all these installs... Edit : installed HWmonitor and my CPU seems stuck at 1600Mhz (x16) so looks like I have some work to do...