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  1. Does anybody else have this problem? Randomly, when I boot up, OSX will fail to properly start the desktop. It would load in 640x480 rez mode with a big far cursor in the upper left going through what looks like an infinate loop/crash. The only way to fix it is reboot and hopes something loads correctly this time. What's causing it? I can never tell it'll happen until after the loginwindow (I assume?) starts up -- so going into Verbose mode doesn't show me anything. I think the desktop will load correctly when my cursor is normal size (1280x1024 rez). If it's giant, the screen will go through what looks like an infinate crash/restart of something.
  2. OSX + Ubuntu Dual

    I managed to get it working, finally, last night. I'm using the GRUB boot loader, too. At first GRUB didn't recongize my OSX install (completely understandable). However, I was able to edit the menu.list file and add it manually. Now I have GRUB defaulting to OSX (even though it means I'll be going through two boot loaders: GRUB and BootX) but it works! Now, how does on load up OSX while in Ubuntu, like this: http://www.ubuntuvideo.com/mac_os_x_and_windows_xp_on_ubuntu ?
  3. OSX + Ubuntu Dual

    Has anybody done an OSX, primary, Ubuntu dual boot? I've attempted to, but ran into an Ubuntu snafu where GRUB gave a fatal error. When attempting to reboot, there was no option to switch to Ubuntu. Any way to add Ubuntu to the list of BootX options on the initial 10 second delay screen?
  4. I did an OSX 10.4.9 update a bit ago and it got completely buggered up -- lotta errors, etc. I'm wondering if there is a way to reinstall OSX ontop of the current OS? The install disk only gives "Update" option and unfortunately that does not "revert" OSX back to the original 10.4.8. What happens on boot? no clue. The screen scrolls by so fast I cannot make out what's erroring. When I boot into single user mode, I cannot locate any log files with all the boot errors. I did manage to write down "unknown SIGSEGV code 0" (like a bazillion times) and caught SIOCPROTOATTACH_IN6: (en0|en1|fx06) error =## a few times there. I also got nibind segfaults. System: AMD - previously 10.4.8 that worked flawless. I'm still investigating what I can find and so forth. PS: Is there a way to mount this OSX drive in WinXP? That way I can copy off times and do a fresh wipe install. I have a few gigs worth of things I don't want to have to refetch.
  5. WoW on Hackintosh, performance..

    Prescott? No. that's not my sig you saw. I use AMD. And the performance was near close. It was comparable indeed, but definitely not as good. It was very playable, but not as high as I would expect on XP.
  6. Fix a borked 10.4.9 install?

    Nothing worked. However, I did manage to find an old burn that did boot but didn't properly finish install (thus bad) which I managed to boot off of. Then, I ran into so many other problems. ha. Trying to resolve each one of them one at a time was extremely painful. Main reason was this other boot disk didn't always boot properly (sometimes it would boot and I would have no keyboard) coupled by the fact it literally took 30 minutes to boot to the "Choose Language" page and another 10 minutes before you can even do anything on the next page. I tried using the Ubuntu LiveCD, but that can only mount HFS+ drives as Read-Only, which was no help to me. Anyway. Now it's stuck to a point of no recovery that I can find; I get so many errors scrolling by so fast (configd, diskarbitrationd and one other segfaulting and loginwindow.app segfaulting on something), none appear to be properly logged. With getting to a useable commandline being so painful, I just reverted back to my Windows boot drive so I can investigating fully, and still have a working PC. First thing is first, I need to figure out how to "boot" the OSX disk in VMWare. Then I can start debugging from there. I hear MacDrive will allow me to mount the HFS+ Disk with write access. I'll figure it out as I start playing with things. I won't bug the forum with redunant questions as I'm sure most of the answers are here with a simple search -- I plan on doing that once I pass my first two hurdles. Thanks again for the reply.
  7. Okay, so I was just about to run the post install script to copy the files back over per the 10.4.9 forum I saw when my desktop just vanished -- it's like the installer rebooted itself (damn) and now I'm stuck. I don't have my original 10.4.8 disk as I let a co-worker use it (like 2 months ago). Now my system is stuck in a never ending reboot because "?" (the boot help) page doesn't work for me on the boot screen. Is there a way to boot into single user mode? I've tried -s (most logical) but that didn't work. I just need to get to a command line on this box. What are the options possible? I need to get to a command line....
  8. Thanks. Playing around with it, I did find an option to configure the speakers. Unfortunately, under Multichannel, stereo is the only selectable option. It does show 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 as options, but grayed out. I'm assuming this is due to lack of support from the AC97 drivers I have?
  9. I used JaS 10.4.8 and I had audio working out of the box. My board is an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe. Not premium like yours, but close enough. I don't see much differing between the two boards on this topic.
  10. I'm running an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe mother board that has an on board 7.1 audio outputs (AC97 Audio PCM). I just got a pair of headphones (last pair died, bought new ones) that happens to listen to a 5.1 setup. I've connected everything, but I have no idea how I can go about testing the surround sound. The Sound control panel doesn't give me any options, like Windows, to choose between 2 speaker setup or 7/5.1 surround. Sound works, btw, however, I want to see if I could get the added benefits works. Is there any OSX application I can use that would do these tests? Or will I be unable to use 5.1 with this computer?
  11. Get a USB keyboard? Seriously, unless you're using an MB from 1990, there's no reason to be using PS2 keyboards these days. USB works just fine on any MB that's been out since 2002ish (maybe sooner).
  12. Nix this now. I've found the solution. OSX was setting my NICs as half-duplex because I had them on a hub. I switched to a switch and insured OSX recognized and flipped to full-duplex, 100TX which it did. Now accessing the NFS drive is MUCH faster and works with no problems in Xcode and Eclipse.
  13. Both Xcode and Eclipse access projects on an NFS mounted drive /extremely/ slow, but yet I can totally hit individual files with acceptiable speeds. Why are projects so bloody slow? Is there a way I can sizably speed it up?
  14. Fix your permissions. I've had this happen to me, and its because the permissions were incorrect. When you drag/drop the file into the extensions folder, apparently OSX isn't smart enough to know to reset the permissions 0.o OSX clears the cache just fine, but doesn't reset permissions. The bugger OS. It's smart, but not /that/ smart, apparently.
  15. WoW on Hackintosh, performance..

    Upgrade is worth it, but I do need to point out one thing: WC3 != WoW. Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft are two completely different games on two completely different graphic engines.