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  1. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    No. Start Windows, log in - nothing works. Call Mac Book Keyboard Wizard, change anything (I just said what I usually do), click ok - Things start working. *If* I change Ctrl and Fn, they are changed. No problem here. I just *have* to change *something* to get it to work. Wow. That sure sucks! How do I know what the settings are, after having changed something? How can I set an Option, that I unset before, if the default view is "set" but the saved setting is "unset"?
  2. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Update: The Fn-1/2 Keys **DO** work. After starting the machine and logging in, I'll have to call up the "Mac Book Keyboard Wizard" and remap something (I usually change the left side function keys to something like Ctrl, Fn, Alt, Win), then click "OK". Until I reboot, I can turn the brightness up and down. And I see the values changing in the "Mac Book Settings"-Menu. So we know the program does work on a MacBook (sans Pro). It still looses it's settings.
  3. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Just a Mee Too. MacBook (not Pro) with working InputRemapper. Almost working. - Fn-F1/F2-Keys not working (no Brightness-Settings) - Changes in the "Mac Book Keyboard Wizard" (it's MacBook, isn't it?) are not displayed correctly. I can set whatever I want; my preferences are not saved. The chosen settings *do* work but opening the MBKW again shows all of 'em in their original states. I have checked on write permissions for <path>\InputRemapper\Settings.dat and those are okay. Settings.dat seems to change, too (judging by the file date/time stamp) Deactivating InputRemapper does't help either, nor does stopping and starting the service. Any Idea what else I could check? Different Questions: - Is it ok to delete the "*.x64.*" files on a 32bit XP Pro? - Whats MacBookPro.dat for? Are those the default settings? - And what about dbghelp.dll. Is that still in use or just leftover since debugging? Thanks you for your efforts. I dissected the apple keyboard driver for about a week, trying to understand its workings, and failed... I'm extremely impressed by Input Remapper. Kudos. Cheers maelcum