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  1. So finally I installed Leopard on my vaio cs215j. However, nothing except basic resolution and mouse works. I just did system update, but what should I do next? How to install kext into it? Where to find it? Anybody is sharing the experience with that model?
  2. Problem with my Hackintosh

    Guys, I need to know. Is this because my on board graphics card? If I would buy GeForce 9800 GTX would that boot?
  3. Problem with my Hackintosh

    No little update. I installed iATKOS v7, and everything should be good, however right after restarting, I see Chameleon Logo, and no matter what I choose it keeps restart. I tried to run it with cpuratio=20 and still nothing.
  4. pm'ed Very nice system for a either an entry level build, or server/data build, or video editing build. Many "how-to" guides everywhere for how to get this working with 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion. $350 + shipping (USPS Priority...should be no more than $25). PM me or e-mail me if you are interested. E-mail: beygelman at mac dot com
  5. I asked that question in new members area but maybe here I will have more luck. Since two days I can't sleep because of my first hackintosh project. I have that Gateway 706GE http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/3726/4546sp3.shtml Intel® Pentium® 4 530 with Hyper-Threading Technology Speed: 3.0 GHz System Bus 800 MHz Cache Memory 1 MB on die Level 2 I just upgraded RAM, removed 1 and swapped CD-Roms, and change HDD. The graphic card is onboard. I installed iPC_OSx86_Public disc with 10.5.6 iOS, and everything should be perfect, however after succesful instalation my computer just restart itself. When I press ENTER it shows me "no boot device". Did I screwed up something during installation? I erased hdd with RAID option, but it does not boot. Help!
  6. Anybody from Connecticut?

    I would love to meet somebody to help me with my hackintosh project. Anybody?