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  1. How did you flash this? When I tried it told me the BIOS was older than what was currently flashed, and it will not let me flash it. Thanks!
  2. Asus N53sv distorted graphics during and after install

    Look for the dsdt.aml from an Asus n73sv. Its basically the same laptop but with a 17" screen. Fixed my graphics right up. Just drop it in /Extra **Edited* Here, I attached mine. dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Minor Dock and interface problems...

    This worked for me too! Made me quite happy. The other problem i had also was the screensaver would not shutoff when I moved the mouse.. I had to click it. I have a laptop and I use a logitech usb wireless mouse. All I did was unplug the receiver and plug it back in and whammy everything worked
  4. Mac OS instalation on ThinkPad T43 Problem

    There is a really good tutorial on installing OSx86 on the T43s in the Tutorial (The Genius Bar) Forum. Have you checked that out? I know that rathalos (who wrote the tutorial) got everything working on his and seems very happy with it. Check it out here T43 Howto by Rathalos
  5. The Final FAQs before OSX install

    Personally with my rig I could never get a 10.4.8/8.8.1 system working using updates.. I had to just go with a clean install of the 10.4.8 So my thought would be go for the 10.4.8 setup from the start, but if you have found conflicting info for your setup Go with that. I would even go to say send a PM to someone running your gear.. they maybe able to really help you out from the get go either way good luck =)
  6. 10.4.8 LoginWindow ppf patch

    i had the same issue with my dell.. Reboot using the CD.. open the terminal.. and delete the NVAResman.kext (using rm -rf ) in your extensions directory. Remember your disk will be mounted in /Volumes, not the root... so your extensions directory will be "/Volumes/disk0sX/System/Library/Extensions/" You can also move it using "mv" to a different directory. I did that and then edited Info.plist in NVAResman.kext/Contents/ to add my Dev and Ven IDs to the file. Then it works. =) Good Luck
  7. atheros wlan miniPCI

    I may be wrong but I think its the 500X series. Personally I have a Dlink DWA-642 draft-N PCCard that worked out of the box, (using Airport Extreme Update 001) the only thing i had trouble with was the PCCard slot. Good Luck
  8. I was having some issues with minor little app crashes and stuff but nothing big. I wanted to resize my partitions so i ended up copying ALL the kexts in Extensions recreating a partition reinstalling 10.4.8 over again and copying my original kexts back to get all my hardware working... Now the system runs great.. much quicker than before and no crashes... I guess all the hacking i was doing to get stuff working got stuff cluttered up. I never boot windows anymore and am loving MACOSX more and more everyday.
  9. [How To] Mac OS X 86 on ThinkPad T43

    Well I got it working!! Woohoo!! All it took was editing the Networkpreferences.plist and the dependency version info in the airportatheros.kext itself... It works now! I am posting from it as I type! I am soo exctied.. I got my dell 100% working! Will try to get together everything I did and post a howto Thanks Rathalos for the PCCard files
  10. [How To] Mac OS X 86 on ThinkPad T43

    Hey man! great guide. I have a Dell I9300 with the same PCCard chipset and your PCCard files got my cardbus slot working. It recognizes my Cardbus Nic and apple even has drivers for it =) (DLink DWA-642 - atheros 5424) The only problem I have is the AirportAtheros.kext wont load because it requires at least Version 2.0 of IOPCIFamily.kext. The one you have provided is 1.8 but its required to make the Cardbus slot to work. SO with all that my question is... where did you get the PCCard files? Did you make/edit them? and if so could you let me know what to do to a 2.0 file to make it work? I am so close I can taste it... I basically did alittle "hacking" in the Info.plist files to get the AirportAtheros.kext to load.. the card is recognized but i can do anything with it.. I am assuming its to do with the IOPCIFamily being wrong. I think that cause if I do a kextload -v 6 AirportAtheros.kext it says that the IOPCIFamily is the correct version but the wrong file.... Hope that all makes sense =) Thanks for any help you can give Tony
  11. [How To] Mac OS X 86 on ThinkPad T43

    Wow Rath that sucks having apendicitis, hope all goes well with your recovery. I am definately looking forward to your guide though =) Good luck, and take your time.