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  1. Uhmmm... help? Kernel Panic screen attached ^^' My MB is a ASUS P5K-SE with AHCI patched BIOS. Thanks in advance!!
  2. So... this is just to report something that happened to me in case anybody ends up going through the same issue. I have the modded version of the BIOS installed in order for it to accept AHCI. I had Windows 7 Installed and Ubuntu as well. Haven't installed Mac yet... At some point, GRUB wasn't loading anymore, and NO repair method worked - either using Ubuntu or Windows installation disks. After exhaustibly trying EVERY single solution out there, I was about to blow it all to hell and reinstall Windows, when I decided to change my BIOS SATA configuration back to IDE as AHCI was making everything a lot slower. So I restarted the computer, and there it was!! GRUB was working again, miraculously enough, and Windows booted normally too. Weird, huh? I guess GRUB forgot to load AHCI. LOL So there it is, in case anyone runs into that insane situation as well! Now if I could just figure out how to mark this as Solved.....