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  1. [Fixed] nVidia 9400gt 1024MB on 10.9 GM

    It seems that the horrible graphic performance is caused by the fact that none of the accelerations (Quartz Extreme, Core Image, OpenGL, OpenCL) work, see attached screenshots?! Any idea how to fix?
  2. GTX660 OpenCL and Mavericks?

    I have exactly the same issue with a 'GTX 650ti boost 2GB' card. Console is full with 'OpenGL' related errors, OpenCL seems not supported according to several benchmark tools and the graphics performance is horrible, any ideas? Kasper
  3. [SOLVED] 10.9 GM GTX 660 Bad Performance

    My 'GTX 650ti Boost 2GB' does not work out-of-the-box in 10.9. I experience very bad graphics performance (permanent flickering in 'active' windows), and window-animations have a very low FPS. The console is full of OpenGL errors and 'OpenCL Ocean Wave Benchmark' also says that my GPU does not support OpenCL. My chameleon.boot.plist has the 'GraphicsEnabler=no' setting (with this set to 'Yes' I get a white-screen freeze), and I already tried al kind of solutions, changing system identifier, upgrading FakeSMC, (temporary removing the GPUSensors.kext plugin from FakeSMC, trying the old DP8 Nvidia drivers. But no luck :-S Any ideas?
  4. [Fixed] nVidia 9400gt 1024MB on 10.9 GM

    I'm experiencing horrible performance with my GTX650ti Boost since 10.9, tried your KEXT files but these give me a kernel panic, any other solution? I really don't understand it because on the internet everybody writes that it should work out of the box.
  5. My Lenovo T410s has an Intel Centrino Advanced 6200 a/b/g/n WiFi adapter which seems unsupported in Mavericks (works fine in Win7 dual boot). I read that I need to replace it with another WiFI card which does work, so I bought an Broadcom BCM94322HM8L card on eBay, which is half-size and also supports a/b/g/n. My question is, on this forum I read that I might need a modded / unlocked bios to be able to install this WiFi card. I don't see a modded BIOS for download for my model (T410s), or is this the same as the T410? And another thing is that my current (original) BIOS version is newer than the modded-one listed for download. I currently have version 1.44, while the modded / unlocked version for the T410 (without 's') is only 1.43. Has anybody a unlocked BIOS version 1.44 (or higher) for the T410s?