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  1. So, my setup for SL went fine under stock cpu speeds. Now, after overclocking, i get a KP on boot. The only major changes I did in the BIOS are the BCLK + voltage changes, and turning off HT. If I boot in safemode (-x at chameleon), everything seems to run fine. I'm using the posted DSDT for i7 920...is there something I need to edit in the DSDT to stop the KP on boot? ---- Got it to work by using the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Running in 32bit because of the ATI 5850 Geekbench 32 - 10328 Idle's at 48C according to iStat.
  2. Yeah apple doesn't have drivers for usb 3.0, so when you plug it in those slots all it can do is charge.
  3. Thanks to everyone in the thread who posted helpful information! My machine seems to be working really well (sleep, shutdown, etc). I've noticed that for mic input, the mic volume is incredibly low unless the microphone is about half an inch away from your mouth. I've turned up the mic volume settings, and tried it with background noise filter both on or off. I'm using the i7-920 DSDT that was posted, and the LegacyHDA, and modded AppleHDA kext for audio that was posted earlier in the thread.