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  1. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Well, I'm an OSX beginner myself and I used 10.4.6 JaS and I still had to download the file in the tutorial.
  2. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Hello, If your installation was the same as mine (more or less) have the files you need at hand, and just try it again, step by step, be careful not to miss anything. Good luck, .marius http://www.wirelessisfun.com
  3. Atheros AR5005(G)

    backup the extension means taking it and placing it in a safe place. just make a copy of it somewhere where you won't lose it.
  4. Atheros AR5005(G)

    It worked, using your NetworkInterfaces.plist file thank you very much, I had a great wireless day ahead. My ethernet on the other hand, was not so happy because it's a Marvel Yukon Gigabit card. I seldomly use it, so I didn't pay much attention to it. However, I tried installing my realtek 883 sound card, and now I get a kernel panic. I'll fix that soon right now, I need to get some *real world* work on. Thanks Matthieu .marius http://www.wirelessisfun.com
  5. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Hey guys, I have an Acer 2482, with an Atheros AR5005G WiFi Airport, I followed the instructions, everything went well, only that I don't have the NetworkInteraces.plist where it should be... Could someone please paste it's contents here? I'm totally new to everything concerning osx... And I really Really want to make it work. I started with WiFi, I'm going to take a look at the ethernet card now, until I get an answer... .marius http://www.wirelessisfun.com