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  1. Anyone else having problems with Nvidia graphics card on Lion - Keyboard and mouse unresponsive for first few minutes after startup despite cursor moving? I seem to be the only one moaning about it Andy - over on tonymac ATI folks are also having problems - if push comes to shove I will use an ATI card and live with Windows 7 making a song and dance about new hardware
  2. Hi All n Andy, Everything works in Lion except sleep which I have not addressed. Strange thing is GraphicsEnabler=Yes in com.apple.Boot.plist makes the keyboard and mouse unresponsive for minutes at startup (cursor moves but cannot highlight or action) then settles down. Reminds me of my Win95 on my 386 machine days - go for a cuppa while boot completes. Changing Yes corrects it but I lose my resolution. I have a P8P67 non pro and Nvdia 460 with latest drivers and CUDA & July version of Andyboot 5 - does this happen with ATI? Needless to say does not happen with SL. During initial clean install and 1st boot - i have full resolution without drivers - should i remove my Nvidia drivers (how?) or switch to my spare ATI and lose CUDA ?