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    OSx newbie need help

    OK, so I found the answer for the "wheel" user, apparently it belongs to the system somehow from long distant past and Lion is not showing system folders the same way as SnowLeopard. Since I don't know OSx much there is a lot for me to learn. I found about this when I installed MacKeeper IS and it was giving me error about helper task and wrong permissions, the support guy told me to change permissions to "read & write" for all users and the error is gone. That is how I found that there is "wheel" user. Guess I just leave it there and forget about it. Well, what about the kexts cleaning is there anything I have to do, or just leave it as it is, the system is working why fix it.
  2. Hi guys. I've install Lion and all looks OK. The problem that puzzle me is that when ever I go to "Get Info" about any file or folder to see permissions there are users: system; wheel; everyone; but not my user name. I do get the system and everyone but what is user wheel I've no clue. On some folders and files I'm able to add my user name to some I'm not. What's wrong here?? Second question : is there any program that'd help me to clean install kexts that are not needed, I did try install couple for video, network e.t.c that did not work before I find working ones. Thanks for any help and info. This is my system: MB= ASUS P5QL Pro;BiOs AMI (08/26/08) CPU= Pentium®Dual Core E5200@2,5Ghz Mem= 4Gb (2x 1Gb DDR2-533 SDRAM + 2Gb DDR2-667) Graphics= MSI nVidia GeForce 9400GT (1024Mb) Audio= RealTek ALC888/S/T @Intel 82801JB ICH10-HD controller Network= Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E controller HD= Seagate ST3500413AS(used by Win 7 and OSx 10.7.4) Seagate ST3160815AS(used by WinXP pro) Seagate ST3500630NS(empty)
  3. Hi everybody and Merry Christmas to all. Had to rebuild my test system due to HD crash and now there is a problem. I use to have 2HD; 1 with Windows7 and 1 with two partitions (OSx Leopard and SnowLeopard) and used EasyBCD 2.0 boot loader. @ boot I had option to start Win7 or OSx, after OSx selection and F8 Chameleon give Leopard,Winows and SnowLeo OS to choose from. Now since HD crash I reformated first partition on the second (Leopard, did not pay with it anymore) and reinstall Win7 and EasyBCD (add OSx option) after reboot all is the same as before with exception that now I have only Win and SnowLeo as an option to choose. Problem is that when I select SnowLeo to boot, logo of Chameleon on black screen is all that is happening, no boot of OSx. My guess is that by formating the first partition I've screwed the Chameleon loader. Can anyone help to solve this problem or do I've to reinstall SnowLeopard also? Thanks for any info.
  4. The CPU it's incorrectly shown as 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Solo and in fact it is Pentium® Dual Core 2.5MHz. Is there any way to correct this? Other problem that started today is that my RocketFish mouse and keyboard combo loose conection after some time in the system. I have not install any specific kext for it as both worked since install, so I've tried update from Apple site, but when I install it, it said that it is not needed. Any ideas how to solve this?
  5. Thank you for the info. I was thinking that maybe it is missing driver, but didn't know what to look for. I'll give that kext try. Back with update: I've try your suggestion but to no reward, I guess it's because your MB has P45 chipset and my P35. Then I found in one guide How to install OSx on ASUS P5Q Boards, this one: "ASUS P5Q_RX_MARVELL_IDE_Driver.zip inside was AppleVIAATA.kext. This one works, now I have all disks available. Thank you very much for pointing me in right direction. Now I'll move to the post install forum for more knowledge.
  6. OK Guys, nobody had any inputs to my questions, so I've just try what ever I can think off. This is the results so far. Attempt to install iDeneb distributions 1.3 10.5.5 and 1.4 10.5.7 to no good results. Then I read some more and find out that iPC distribution should support IDE discs ( that I've thought was my problem, as 10.5.5 after install lock on "waiting for boot device" and 10.5.7 give me kernel panic in beginning of install, all that when installing to 160Gb IDE HD.) So I got iPC 10.5.6 distribution and did new install, surprise surprise the IDE HD did not show up at all. Not the problem, I had another empty SATA HD in so I made partition on that and all went with no problem. Now I've working Hackintosh and after some tweeking with kexs for network, sound and video it's working, even updates went without problems. HOORAY!!!! One Question: How do I get the system to recognize the IDE drive? I'd like to use it as storage. Anyone???
  7. Just find out: When I use F8 option at startup, I have only HDD 111:1 (or something like that) iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 to select. That'd be the DVD and not HD so all that I was seeing was from DVD install read and not the OSx. Q:What amI missing here??? Trying new install.
  8. Hallo everybody, I'm very new at this so if my questions sound stupit don't be to hard on me. QUESTION: Since there is so many options in hardware.Is it even possible to install iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on my system ??? (see signature for info) Now, what I did up to now: Did nothing to BiOs except change Maxtor as second boot after DVDRom.Ihave read on forums that since I use IDE hard drive no changes to BiOs are needed, plus I'm not sure if I'd loose the option to boot into Windows. QUESTION: Is this correct???? Started Install,Format Maxtor to OSx(Journaled) in DiskManager,Selected options (as X11,IHP,Kernel,video option,Programs, I've made this installation many times with different selections [same results]) Everything go smoodly up to restart, then the PC is stuck on grey Apple Logo screen and nothing happen until I shut system down.(let it run once for about 2hours) Then I tried F8 option at startup with -v-f commands, in this I can see all the info about loading of OSx (to complex to write it all down) with all different stuff missing and errors up to when iDeneb install screen come again and I can keep going round and round. I took the DVD out as I thought that was reason for that,but then the boot end right the way with boot0: GPT boot0:HFS+ boot0:booting boot0:done boot1: error plus I've find on forums that the DVD supose to be in drive for restart.So that explain that problem. Last QUESTION: Is there any hope for me? I mean, am I doing something wrong OR is it the incombability of my system?????
  9. ja1

    [HELP] Ideneb v1.3 installation

    I'm new at this, but since I've also IDE HD and at start had same problem maybe I can offer little advice. <Use the disk manager first and format your disk to OSx file system (Journaled) then you will see the disk.