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  1. i think u need to create a bootable VMDK different image.. to use on VMWare but i don't know about the other thing cuz i use virtualBox..
  2. need help to make a new or fix my GTP

    Hi! everybody.. first of all i have a MBP 1.1 with my DVDReader BROKEN! so i just can use a USB memory i'm kinda out of ideas.. for today. 0k here's the thing.. a year ago (maybe more) i've installed openSolaris like this http://bit.ly/50uAG so.. now i try to install windowXP but fails to install with a bluescreen of death but then i realise that of course windows can't beacouse the partitions.. i use to have a 70Gi for MacOSX and 22Gi for openSolaris.. and my bro without knowing says i found another partition of 200M or so .. is "new" now and FAT and i look and found that was EFI partition (i think!, not sure) well DiskUtility (even commandline) and others App can't do nothing about it! i mean the only thing i can do was format.. i've start to get help on internet.. everywehere and the only thing i could do was that get some things work.. like diskUtility now can erase the second partition.. but fail to create a new one.. then did it but this is what i had right now.. i've fix some problems with gdisk and fdisk, could make boot ANY rescue distro but fail in boot in the second step.. i mean BOOT weird things happend in my partition table but i don't know anymore i fix the NO GPT partition table present and that now this is what i got *** Report for internal hard disk *** Current GPT partition table: # Start LBA End LBA Type 1 40 47375591 Mac OS X HFS+ 2 47637736 48047335 EFI System (FAT) 3 48309480 195109383 Mac OS X HFS+ Current MBR partition table: # A Start LBA End LBA Type 1 1 39 ee EFI Protective 2 * 40 47375591 af Mac OS X HFS+ 3 47637736 48047335 ef EFI System (FAT) 4 48309480 195109383 af Mac OS X HFS+ MBR contents: Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable Partition at LBA 40: Boot Code: None File System: HFS Extended (HFS+) Listed in GPT as partition 1, type Mac OS X HFS+ Listed in MBR as partition 2, type af Mac OS X HFS+, active Partition at LBA 47637736: Boot Code: None (Non-system disk message) File System: FAT32 Listed in GPT as partition 2, type EFI System (FAT) Listed in MBR as partition 3, type ef EFI System (FAT) Partition at LBA 48309480: Boot Code: None File System: HFS Extended (HFS+) Listed in GPT as partition 3, type Mac OS X HFS+ Listed in MBR as partition 4, type af Mac OS X HFS+ after i "fix" not complety! i use diskutil just beacuse i what to that utility make the partition table for it self and.. now i have a 2nd EFI.. and.. before i forget i that moment i was trying to make GPT "NOT" hybrid to could sucefull install win somebody can't help me?? btw: when rEFIt appears on boot and choose the USB to boot winXP or Gparted-live or whatever says something like booting "Linux e.g" from HD < ??? tks