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  1. Did anyone find out if this is possible with a Pentium D?
  2. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    How can I get this to boot? I have the A215 and I installed Leo4All. I could not get it to install without using "idlehalt=0". It finally installed successfully, but I could not get it to boot. After being frustrated with it not booting, I installed windows 7 on a separate partition. What can I do to boot OS X? I don't have a boot loader installed. Can someone send me some directions? How did you get it to boot after install?
  3. AR5001 kexts?

    Hi everyone, First let me start with I have an Eee PC (1000HD) and I can't get the wifi working for anything. When I run the output of lspci I get this: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter [168c:001c] (rev 01) I've searched everywhere to find a kext that will work with this adapter but I am either met with broken links or kexts that don't appear to do anything. Advice please? I'd be open to creating a kext as well but I'm not sure how. P.S I also have an Wireless USB Adapter - DWL-G122 Rev. B1 but I cannot find any drivers for OS X.
  4. If you already have the Voodoo kext installed can you also install the Apple one?
  5. Thanks man. I ended up downloading retail snow and then updating from there.
  6. Fixed atheros AR5001 on Leopard 9a527

    Does anyone have these files?
  7. Hi guys, I have a proper MacBook and it's currently running OS X 10.5.8. I do not have a dual layer dvd burner. So I was wondering if it were possible to use SnowOSX Universal 10.6 on the Mac and then do the Delta + Combo update and then install Lion? Steps or suggestions?