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    LAN was working, reboot, now nothing.

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...&start=620# sounds like this. try to change in system preferences => Network => Ethernet => More Options => Ethernet the duplex and speed manually. After every restart i must change in 10baseT and fullduplex => voila ethernet is no mor "cable unplugged". Dont forget to save and activate. in my case i must first choose fullduplex so that the ethernet is shown as connected - save, activate und do the same thing twice with half duplex so that i can connect via PPPoE. Give it a try. change some setting and take a look if the ethernet is flushing up as connected ...
  2. samhl

    PPPoE Problem

    sounds like my problem http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...&start=620# ethernet is detected with nforceLAN but can not connect via PPPoE ... i must switch the settings of my card two times to 10baseT half duplex to automatic and back ... then i can connect on PPPoE. sounds crazy ^^
  3. samhl

    QE/CI On nVidia Geforce 8400 GS

    fixxed my problem with: - delete all NV* and Geforce* items from system/library/extensions (also any injector!) - fresh install of 9f23installer.pkg - reboot with Chameleon 2.0 RC4 an GraphicEnabler=y Boot Argument. the fresh install of the 9f23 drivers solves my problem. Now i get this: GeForce 8400 GS: Chipsatz-Modell: GeForce 8400 GS Typ: Monitor Bus: PCIe PCIe-Lane-Breite: x16 VRAM (gesamt): 512 MB Hersteller: NVIDIA (0x10de) Geräte-ID: 0x06e4 Versions-ID: 0x00a1 ROM-Version: xx.xx.xx - internal Monitore: Monitoranschluss: Status: Kein Monitor angeschlossen Monitor: Auflösung: 1280 x 960 @ 90 Hz Farbtiefe: 32-Bit Farbe Core Image: Hardware-unterstützt Hauptmonitor: Ja Synchronisierung: Aus Eingeschaltet: Ja Quartz Extreme: Unterstützt Rotation: Unterstützt
  4. i having the problem too. But only if i enabled QE/CI. so the problem is graphic card related. without QE (using nvinject) mouse is okay. with chameleon Bootloader and GraphicsEnabler=y my mouse is accelerate and X and Y are inverted a second after systemboot. so i cant't use QE/CI on my 8400GS
  5. samhl

    QE/CI On nVidia Geforce 8400 GS

    Hello Folks, i have tried many methods to get my MSI GeForce 8400 GS (06e4) working with full QE/CI support. use 10.5.8 on an AMD machine - and nothing works, no nvinject 0.2.1 512 (card is recognized, i can change resolutions but nor QE/CI), no nvkush, no EFI Studio modified com.apple.boot.plist NOW i installed the chameleon 2 RC4 bootloader and with GraphicsEnabler=y boot Argument the card is shown as fully supported !!! But the problem is: seems ALL on gui is accelerate. also mouse. mouse is very very fast (like warp!) and movement directions are mirrored. I searching around an trying the following: - remove AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext - boot with cpus=1 - using different kernels (anv 9.8 and voodoo 9.5) nothing solved the problem. any idea to set the movement/accelleration of mouse to normal with enabled QE/CI ?
  6. samhl

    nForce LAN driver

    i use nForceLAN_0.64.3 on a A8N-VM CSM Mobo. nForce 430 built in Gigabit. Installed OS: 10.5.8 with voodoo 9.5, anv 9.7 and anv 9.8 kernel made this kext work for me is/was a little bit confusing: 1.) in systempreferences => network there is per default ethernet shown in red (not connected) 2.) i must set: more Options => ethernet => manually to 10baseT and fullduplex, then ethernet is shown as connected. • BUT: i can not log into internet with an assigned PPPoE Connection 3.) i must changing Network => Ethernet => More Options => Ethernet manually in 10base/T and half Duplex Mode, then i can login to an PPPoE Connection. Note: Doing step 3 first = no success. i have tried hours and hours of different options. only this order sequence worked, (of course i can set on step 2 manually to 100baseT to get the connected - but also without the possibility to login to PPPoE . i have written an automator action which is doing the steps at startup for me. Its okay and it is doing the job. No crashs, freezes, panics ... i'm surfin with around 9.009 kbit/s download speed - BUT i would gladly use a faster internet connection. (got an 16 MBit/s line). Is there any way to get it worked with 100baseT or in fully Gigabit Mode? If not - i would buy a PCI network card in the future ... is there any recommend - maybe working without third-party kext?
  7. samhl

    [GUIDE] QE/CI with ATI Radeon 2400XT 0x94c1

    i have try ... but no success. It's crazy: this screen appears on every try to ad the 94c31002 ID into my info.plist on every hint i found in the forum - ervytime i add my ID into the file, my machine boots up with this screen. If i boot in safemode and delete my entry in the same kext - next start is going fine (without QE/CI of course) does it matter that my card is a sapphire ATI radeon HD 2400 Pro ?
  8. samhl

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    10.5.8 - no success :-( Have an 256MB HD2400Pro, listed in systemprofiler with device ID 94c3. if i install this package, the machine is booting up and ends in a blue screen with movable cursor. *see note Note: if i push the power Button for sleep - A SECOND the desktop appears before machine goes sleepin. crazy? normal? btw: my VGA monitor is connected by a dvi=> VGA adapter bought from apple ... this made no difference or maybe...? i also try these method: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...71150&st=20 also with no success at the moment ... //edit + note tons of trys and restarts later - i try installing both, the package submit on the first post and the package on page2 submitted. Now it boots without bluescreen - but also without any resolution/qe/ci support. looks like this:
  9. samhl

    [GUIDE] QE/CI with ATI Radeon 2400XT 0x94c1

    10.5.8 => got the same picture like dtkenmo with the ATIRadeonX2000.kext from the download installed. - Yes i have delete the old one before - yes i have change the id into 94c31002 (i have the HD2400pro) - yes i have replace the com.apple.boot.plist - no i dont have any natit in the system - anv is my default kernel (9.7.x) but it looks like the picture dtkenmo postet. any ideas?
  10. samhl

    Bluetooth disappearing!

    // get bluetooth working ... no idea why ... have backupped one hour all possibillitys: - IOBluetoothFamily.kext - IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext - IOUSBFamily.kext from 10.5.2, 10.5.8 and 10.5.8 with security update 0006-2009 mixed, combined etc ... also deleted every *.bluetooth.plist i found on my system - and tons of restarts later and the kexts from latest version (10.5.8 with security update 006-2009) installed my bluetooth is back!!! no hacks, no patches! also my devices are connected fine and working as full as before on 10.5.2
  11. samhl

    Bluetooth disappearing!

    installing blueutil as discribed works fine. After installation blueutil status sends me an "is on" message (but it dont work after 10.5.8 update/latest security update) then i follow your lines with creating the plist. After reboot: no Bluetooth ... but from now on blueutil status says: Error: Bluetooth not available launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.osx86.bluetooth.plist says: Bluetooth Activation Daemon: Already loaded Any idea to get my bluetooth mouse back? On Apple Machines zapping the PRAM works i can read in many apple discussion boards. any hint to do anything like this with oSX86 machines? ^^
  12. samhl

    Dual oder evtl. Triple Boot?

    Habe gerade ein triple Boot System auf einem Dell Inspiron 1525 installiert • OSX (iPC 10.5.6) • WinXP Pro • Ubuntu 9.0.4 Da jedes System irgendwie am Bootloader rum macht bzw seinen eigenen installiert habe ich nach mehrmaligen Probieren folgende Reihenfolge vorgenommen: Festplatte Partitionieren Von OSX Install DVD => Dienstprogramme => Festplattendienstprogramm => 4 Partitionen 180 GB => HFS+ (journaled) 32 GB => FAT32 30 GB => FAT32 2GB => FAT 32 Partitionsschema => Master Boot Record Dann auf die erste HD komplett OS X installiert, bis zur erfolgreichen Einrichtung etc. Dann WinXP auf die zweite Partition drauf, bis zu fertigen einrichtung etc ... (ab hier kann man erstmal nicht mehr OS X booten, da der bootloader überschrieben wurde) Als drittes Ubuntu 9.04 installiert. An der stelle wo man die Partitionen auswählen kann, habe ich *manuelles auswählen der partitionen" gewählt... dann die 30GB Partition "Partition bearbeiten" => "verwenden als ext3" "Einhängepunkt /" und die 2 GB Partition ebenfalls mit "Partition bearbeiten " als "verwenden als SWAP" Installation fortgesetzt bis zum bitteren Ende. Ubuntu schreibt wiederum einen Bootloader den man aber recht einfach konfigurieren kann, indem man die /boot/grub/menu.lst Datei editiert. Dort gibts schon einen Eintrag zu windows xp professionell, da habe ich einfach noch OS X hinzugefügt zum vorhandenen Eintrag title Microsoft Windows XP Professional root (hd0,1) savedefault chainloader +1 habe ich noch title OSX86 10.5.6 root (hd0,0) savedefault chainloader +1 hinzugefügt. hd0,0 ist die erste partition, hd0,1 die zweite partition ...
  13. stupid Vobis N35AS1 Laptop - WORKS ! got an old Vobis Laptop 2 days ago. (2 Ghz Celeron) - seems to be defect. try ubuntu - cd dosnt install, try w2k - cd doesnt install. got the 10.4.8 JaS => Installation works without any problems. the only one: no audio and network. cant find vendor IDs because no other operation system nor a liveCD works on this laptop. and i have no kind of manual from this laptop. I got ist as an gift fro free - and now it runs with OS X only - thanks!