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  1. Which board fits into which case?

    I agree with pirloui, that any of those cases can potentially house an ATX board, but I believe the G5 would be the easiest. None of the Apple cases use standard mounting because their logic board is propriety. Anything is plausible, but it's definitely going to take some ingenuity.
  2. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    I understood that by setting the motherboard in with glue would make it semi-permanent, but I didn't really plan on changing it much once I finish it so it seemed like the best route. The hot-glue can be removed quite easily and another motherboard can be set and soldered in place. Well the only reason why I didn't put connectors between the motherboard and the G5 motherboard is because I didn't see a need to change the motherboard out so the connectors would be an excess step. By rack adapters, do you mean using some kind of clip to hold the PC motherboard to the G5 motherboard? I haven't gotten to test the connections past continuity, but as soon as I plug in the rig and diagnose any problems with the connectors, I'll draft the pin out connections.
  3. Mini ITX lovers, rejoice!

    Haha, I saw that case the other day while looking for a Mac Pro case. Pretty interesting, good luck on your mod.
  4. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    Thanks torque and pirloui! If this motherboard fails then I'll just order another one since I have a second G5 motherboard I can hack up. I would definitely take more time to get everything done neater though, but hopefully that doesn't happen.
  5. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    So I finally got some time to work on the G5 a little. At this point, everything I've been doing to it is getting sloppier ;; I'm seriously hoping that the motherboard still works at this point, seeing that I don't have a anti-electrostatic bracelet or didn't bridged any of the components while soldering. This update: -wired the front ports (thank you for the pin out diagrams) -ethernet port -toslink in -modem -audio in -audio out Things left to do: -wire all case fans -wireless n card (pending shipping) -bluetooth (pending shipping) -internal speaker -1394b (need to order pci-e firewire card since I don't have enough internal firewire bus) The rest of the installation is just standard procedures with minor modifications to the G5 pci-divider to clear the north bridge and ram. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up all the soldering next weekend and gather enough money to order the CPU, heat sink, graphics card, RAM, hard drives, and the superdrive.
  6. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    Stell, I've found several cheap sound modules so it's definitely a possibility. One thing that really interest me though is connecting it to the internal speaker which is on one of the original fans and or the audio out to the speakers. I don't know where the sound comes from yet, but after I find out, I'll probably find a way to amplify the signal and send it through one of those 2 sources. I'm definitely sure we can make something work without too much difficulty. -Justaviet
  7. Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    Thank you for the nice comments :] At the moment, I'm waiting for a few new parts to come in before I continue this project. I'm hoping to have a full functioning rear port with bluetooth, wifi, and even the modem. I'm also looking into incorporating a sound module to produce the apple start up chime when the power button is pressed. The final specs should be somewhere around this: Q8200 2.33GHz 8GB 1066 DDR2 9800 GTX+ 2x 1TB 7200 rpm
  8. I've been working on my G5 Hackintosh case mod for a while and I finally got some of the work done. I'm going for the purest approach I can think of. Here's a little sneak preview of my work so far. I put an 650 Watt ATX PSU into the G5 PSU casing. I cut a G5 motherboard and placed a mATX board in place with some hot glue haha. Now the soldering begins... hopefully everything works out the first try. I will be using all original fans and many of the original case parts. I'll update again probably in a week since this computer resides at my parents home and I just don't have time or space at my duplex to work on it. College is too time consuming ;;
  9. Does anyone have some of the internal stock apple parts they ripped out when modding?? I'm looking specifically for: G5 Heat Sink Cap PCI Divider Power Supply Cover and the plastic wire management thing under the stock logic board PM me
  10. Looking great pirloui! I'm taking the same route as you, but doing it a little bit different :] I need to order my motherboard so i can start to wire everything up. Oh, Smeethy, I recently ordered 2 dead logic boards and im only going to use one. I can sell you the other if you want it. Send me a pm and we can talk it over.
  11. Oh wow Pirloui, looking good so far ^^ Are you going to cut the back for the ports? or wire them like some of the others have?
  12. Wow, looks great! Do you know if they sell a blue tooth version of your alu keyboard? I've only been able to find the smaller one without the number pad.
  13. Well I finally found some time to start my G5 Hackintosh, I'm a bit short on money but I started with mounting my motherboard. I just cut some screw post I found at Ace Hardware and JB cold-welded them down. Used my dremel with a cutting disc Finished results Hopefully ill get more money in the near future to continue my project
  14. I'm looking for buy a dead G5 PowerMac Power Supply [June 2004 model or Late 2004 Model] or anything that will bolt down. Thanks, Justaviet
  15. [BUY] as is/broken G5 PowerMac Logic

    Well im located in oklahoma city, ok 73170 It may still work? bleh sounds like it carries a hefty price tag! thanks, Justaviet