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  1. xmaniak100

    HELP guys I need DSDT edit to make my GPU work!

    fixed the second error thank you guys
  2. xmaniak100

    HELP guys I need DSDT edit to make my GPU work!

    Thank you... Now I have following errors: _HID suffix must be all hex digits and Name already exists in scope (_PRW) Could you please help me with that?
  3. xmaniak100

    HELP guys I need DSDT edit to make my GPU work!

    I tried but I always get Object does not exit (DTGP) ...
  4. xmaniak100

    Strange boot0:error

    No cat didnt run throught my keyboard... thats literally how the error looks... I did try it... If i do it again I get the same thing except more lines of aksdnasjkdnasjkkasbfak... I tried with chameleon, enoch, chimera. Only clover works(Cant boot up with it thought)
  5. xmaniak100

    Strange boot0:error

    Hello. I have installed chameleon on my system... I got a normal boot0:GPT etc. error because the disk is 4kb... So I corrected it with manual installation aaand.. BOOOYAH! Now I get this: Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:Donejsafakfhbskajhfkjafkajslnfsla(some fancy characters like if you opened an exe in notepad...) What should i try? Thanks ))
  6. xmaniak100


    Thank you. No i wouldnt promote it...I would just add sentence "Translated. Original by x" I know it should be tidy... I will see this evening... Thank you for your help I will srely do it
  7. Boot into Windows 7 installation DVD and select repair this computer will fix the bootloader... If you dont have the DVD, boot into Chameleon boot cd, select system reseved, while its booting hard restart do it again hard rrestart again and if you go to chameleon boot cd and select system reserved again, there should be "Startup Repair" option...that should reinstall the win7 bootloader
  8. xmaniak100

    Problem with 7970 & 10.8.3

    Is the "No Signal" message on your monitor displayed when you start up your PC or when you boot Mac OS X? Is the "No Signal" thing happening when you start up your PC or when you boot into Mac OS X?
  9. xmaniak100


    Thank you fantomas I didnt take it negatively... I am sorry that it seemed that way I know it is just a beginning. As I said, This weekend will be mostly dedicated to this forum for me. I will create more topics and stuff. I have a question. Am I allowed to translate an existing topic if I credit the original author? Also I wont add sub categories until I get some guys into my sub forum... Categories would do more harm than good with just few people. Also can I ask for inspiration, what topics would you translate for a start?
  10. xmaniak100

    AMD FX Kernel

    Version 10.8.x


    This is a 64-bit FX kernel for 10.8.x Thanks to Sinetek for making the kernel and thanks to R:A:W:X86 for patching it You are awesome guys
  11. xmaniak100


    Thank you theconnatic for your sugesstion. I am glad people care . I am actually in a process of making an "ultimate" FX guide in both ENG and Slovak language where I cover the instalation and post installation, explain everything, cover all my problems I had on the way and if I solve some, I will add them there. It is taking a lot of time... The biggest problem is me raging with these forums new feature that there are no more stuff like things, because its buggy without it(Like I start typing and randomly it begins typing in the biggining of the line and stuff... Alessandro, I knowe I should have made the topic earlier and I am not gonna make excuses, because they are of no use. I know it is entirely my responsibility. I will try to do better, As I said I am not giving up! If there will be only ONE person who asks something there I will make sure he will get his help... at least try to herlp him... One again, Thanks guys for giving me the chance and this weekend(when I will have more time) I will try to improve what I can. I hope it will be worth it. Bye for now
  12. xmaniak100


    Well...but do you think could make it live? I dine get the "if he is not animated" part... I dont wanna have a battle here...I just tried and probabbly failed... as I said, I cant guarantee you any visits...its not in my power to make someone visit it... I can only help it... I think that I was wrong about this idea. If you want to you can delete the sub forum and remove my moderator status... I just tought that it would help... cant blame me for trying... Sorry again We are all people... I am not giving up, I just dont want to argue
  13. FX GUIDE FOR ML is almost done ;)

  14. xmaniak100


    Ill think about making one as soon as I can(Im currently writing my FX guide for ml and fixing my server that blew up) lol I love when people invent such things however I must confess...drinking an empty glass is rather hard task...I did it once I was so stressed that I didnt even notice im drinking already drunk glass of water...
  15. xmaniak100


    Hello fantomas. I am currently having some difficulties outside of computer but meanwhile i am waiting for first visiters... I am getting nervous because there are still none... if you mean it didnt start yet by itself having no subcategories, It was an agreement with allesandro that we will see if somebody visits it and eventually he will create subcategories then... ONCE AGAIN as I said... I cant guarantee any visits, but I stay optimistic and believe im not the only one from my country who is obsessed with hackintoshes