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  1. BCM5751 on IDENEB 10.5.6

    Hi, I am desperate for some help. I have just installed the IDENEB1.4 release. I am impressed with it, except for one small, but annoying problem, I cannot get it to file share either way, if I try and connect from the IDENEB machine to another I get ' this operation cannot be comleted because the original item for (system name/folder) cannot be found' The other way, from another system to the IDENEB one just says 'connection failed' My Ideneb system is an EZ-915T from Aopen. I have used it with other distros but not the 10.5.6 version. The Lan Adapter I believe is a BCM5751. PLEASE CAN anyone HELP. I AM GOING MAD HERE My system doesnt have a spare PCI slot, so if I cant get the BCM5751 to work, are there any USB to wired LAN adapters that are working well on 10.5.6. Everything else works fine, I have tried down grading to an old Kalyway 10.5.2 but this has exactly the same problem, which I presume is down to the BCM5751 Driver
  2. I could do with some help with the same problem too. I have a BCM5751, with the same vendor and hardware ID, so I would appreciate any help that anyone can give!
  3. Help

    Can anyone help. I have been running OSX86 10.4.8 8.8.1 for some time on a Asus XC Cube p4 3Ghz with onboard intel graphics adapter, BUT I am now trying to run it on my main system an Asus P5ND2 3.6Ghz P4 with either a Nvidia 6600 or a ATI X800, but I have no luck with either. I get the grey apple screen then BLACK screen, and nothing else. I have tried various solutions listed on the forums but to no avail. Can anyone advise, or reccomend a graphics card to get that is easier to get running Desperate, getting like bear with sore head now, I cannot even think about going back to vista