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    [SOLVED] Help get a Haswell out of safe mode

    With my GTX660 the graphics freeze after [ PCI configuration begin ] but if i wait the graphics back at the same time than the installation screen, so check if you really freeze with your keyboard leds or in the system.log
  2. I want buy a new CPU/MB/RAM i would like get a haswell but i'll lost my Delta 1010Lt, do you thin is really better than ivy bridge ?
  3. After PCI Configuration my graphics is freezed, to install OSX is not a problem but when i want to boo it take very long time and I reset in the log i don't have crash, so i want see the verbose boot, any solution ? I have a GTX 660. thx
  4. Hi i have installed Lion 10.7.2 on a HP Mini-110-3652sf My spec CPU = ATOM N455 RAM 1Go DDR3 Keyboard & trackpad PS2 Webcam Wifi BCM4313 The LID work but my screen is alays ON i can't shuthdown my screen if i dont shutdown my computer i(ve tried Sleep enebler but it's don't work can you help me please ?