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  1. Build overview: MSI H61M-P33/W8 motherboard Core i5-2500K, using HD 3000 graphics OS X 10.8.3 Booting using Clover r1269 Patched BIOS using PMPatch to unlock MSRs FakeSMC 4.3.25 Lnx2mac RTL81xx 0.0.90 DSDT patched for audio using MaciASL + toleda alc8xx patch repo AppleHDARollback from 10.8.2 I can't wake the system from sleep. I tried SleepEnabler.kext, but that causes a boot hang. darkwake=0 has no effect. The system goes to sleep and the power light indicates the board is in sleep, but waking from the power button (USB wake doesn't work) wakes the board up with the screen remaining black and no wake HD activity. I then tried applying the EHCISleep patch to my audio-patched DSDT with DSDT Editor, then compiling it in MaciASL. With that, the computer will sleep and wake, but will not respond to KB/mouse and goes to a black console screen in a few moments where oddly I can type but nothing else. I assume more/different DSDT patches are needed but I don't know what parts of the DSDT affect sleep/wake. Where do I go from here?
  2. DSDT for GA-D525TUD

    I've been working on a DSDT for my Gigabyte D525TUD board. BIOS A4, NM10 chipset, ALC 888B audio. I have it booting Lion based on the install method from nozyczek's site with the DSDT removed. First, I tried the patch for the D525TUD available through the auto-patcher. I extracted the DSDT under Linux. I got "Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.IGD0.GSSE)]" and "Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.IGD0.OPRN)]]" errors, so I brought it into DSDT Editor, downloaded and applied the autopatch manually, and removed the offending methods that referred to the missing objects. Then I applied the predefined patches for the AHCI icon and ALC888 audio. It seems to mostly work. CORRECTION: 888 patch did not work, had to use 889 patch. Shut down/restart don't, though. The Gigabyte shutdown patch has no effect, with all of the things it changes already removed by the D525TUD auto-patch. What do I need to change to get everything to work? My patched DSDTs are attached. D525-manual is the current auto-patched w/ hand fix+AHCI+ALC888 I am using. D525_stock.aml.zip D525TUD_autopatched.aml.zip D525_manual.aml.zip