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  1. Sound on HP DV5t not working

    Try this http://rapidshare.com/files/156344109/111D...leHDA.kext.zip) In my dv5 only the internal mic is not going....
  2. Ok, not a real problem but probably I'm doing wrong...I tried to restart with -f option and the wifi start! I'm tring to activate it with the same method of sound decvice (id device etc.) but nothing was going well. Actually the wifi is good, not is very good stuff! So what mean the -f option on restart? Thank's.
  3. I'm going to install Vista(!) and check id vendor and device. Thank's.
  4. Hi, I've the same audio device from lspci.txt report: I tried to install your's Azalia Kext modified with Kext Helper, used Disk Utilty for repair permission and actually the Info system from Apple menu don't see the device BUT I see the volume on the screen, in system configuration I see the slide volume but no sound. Thank'you for your help.