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  1. Hello, I have a WD external USB hard drive that I'd like to be able to access, as it has all of my files and music on it. For some reason it does not show up. It is formatted as NTFS, but so is my XP (internal) drive and I can see it fine. All other USB devices work great (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. I have searched already, but all I can find are topics about trying to boot OSX86 from external drives, and that's not what I'm looking for. NOTE: I am a COMPLETE Mactard. Today is my FIRST day at it so I know next to nothing. It's a wonder I even got the thing working. Here's my specs: It's an old(er) Compaq S5100NX P4 2.8GHZ 1GB RAM Intel 82845G Graphics (I know about this already, I'm just dealing with the resolution) Anything else you need please let me know. I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks!