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    New AppleHDA Patcher

    want to create one from the new applehda of 10.11.4 for my ga-z97x-ud3h mainboard (alc1150) but the patched one don't work, because no active device found. i only copied the patched one to s/l/e and override the original one, don't use the hdaenabler this has been patched in my dsdt file also. before i use a applehda from toleda this works fine but is an old one. can anybody help me because has some one a already patched applehda to share?!
  2. ..done! i just had to update clover and rename the bootmfw.efi.
  3. ​today i update win8.1 to 10-version and now it just boot up directly in windows without showing me the clover boot menu. any ideas how to fix this? in history a have yosemite 10.10 also on disc. before i update it works fine. if i take a look at the efi-folder there isn't something changed, because the bootmgf.efi is still the same, i need help pls.
  4. in history i use yosemite and windows 8.1 pro and today i update to 10. now it just boot direct in Windows 10 and never shows the clover boot screen. any ideas how to get the boot menu back at startup?! solved: ..done! i just had to update clover and rename the bootmfw.efi.
  5. Good question, I also have to grab the little bitty bar, any ideas to change the default touch base commands?
  6. Any news to get the internal WLAN-Card to work?
  7. y just have to drop the kext files (install-pack 2.0.4) after first startup und reboot, that's it. i don't patch anything others or install third part driver etc.
  8. Use older clover version to create pen drive like 3113 for install, the one in the installation pack - after success update to the actually one. If not y get different errors, just follow the guide, don't change the boot arguments or something others. On pen drive u need "fakesmc & genericxusbxhci" and boot "without cache and white injection kext" Some tips but written in guide too.
  9. Y have to add custom entries in gui and set: scan+entrie have a look at here - in older version of clover the entrie isn't needed..
  10. on usb pen y can copy by finder, under OS X y have to drop by kextdrop and after that use kext wizard to rebuild cache and permissions, then restart. the other thing y tell is sometimes slow and sometimes fast, there is a bug in clover to load the system-id right. i hope this will be fix in future. it also comes from the external usb-port, if there is a dongle insert. in moment i try different usb dongle to find out how.. stay tuned. my workaround is: update clover after installation to v3185 then y have build 3172:3182 combination installed local and plug-in the dongle after login. if y want to use windows partition too, thats simple. y have to follow the that step in my guide, because read here in forum "multi boot" guide. i use windows 8.1 pro and yosemite 10.10.2 on the surface very well.
  11. read my guide! if y have the pack then u also have the link to the guide... because the installation is very simple: (only on the side y get by pm there is the installation pack in version 2.0.3, last update) 1. create usb pen by command. 2. install clover (picture), theme is bootcamp. 3. copy fakesmc & gnericuhcx, dsdt & ssdt, config.plist to pen. 4. start from pen, press spacebar - start without cache and with injected kext. 5. install yosemit - screen is dim! this change after reboot. 6. boot yosemite first time, drop all kext-files to s/l/e by kextdrop, repair permission and rebuild cache - reboot 7. install clover on local drive too, enter dsdt, ssdt and config ps: every time y boot up via pen-drive, press "space" and boot without cache and with injected kext! after drop of all files after first boot of yosemite, the dim-screen is gone and every hardware is running - no internal wlan
  12. good so, yes the edimax is now the big project!
  13. Y have to drop the kext files by kextdrop after first bootup.. the dim screen is still gone after the drop, just in installations mode. everything work but without the internal wlan, this is the only one, and i hope for help too. Don't forget to clear cache and rebuild permission.. basic steps if y read the guid's - please no plain question or comments -
  14. I report the bug to the author but he don't replay, hm sometimes I don't understand why we not work better together..