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  1. I have the same cpu and motherboard... But I have problems installing sierra. Can you give me your EFI, and can you tell me what changes you did in the bios? When I put this 4g I get a black screen. My gpu is gtx980
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    Did you test it under Sierra?
  3. kurtosavros


    It works on my hackintosh...
  4. Hello all. Doing what #717 comment said, I fixed the last little issue that I had, regarding the sound... Thank you all again...
  5. Hey DV8 people!!! One quick question. Did you fix the native sound with the 10.7.2 and the 10.7.3?
  6. Thanks Taptun. I updated to 10.7.3 and changed the kernel, and everything worked fine, with no complications at all.
  7. Hey everyone !!! I will appreciate if the dv8 people can tell me weather or not the sound and the graphics enabler=no work cool, when you upgrade to 10.7.3 If yes, did you guys update the DSDTs? Thanks...
  8. This nanoseconds thing is called a kernel panic, but don't panic. When you update your version of mac you should do two things: 1) Change the kernel located in the root folder and change the kernel, with the one provided from (tamptum usually) for your particular version, These kernels are located in previous comments. 2) Change the .plist file. The newer versions of chameleon don't use the com.apple.plist, but the org.chameleon.plist... There inside change the name of the kernel. 3) Change the DSDT uppon upgrade. This DSDT I usually steel from people who post them here, and have the same computer with mine.
  9. Actually for the bluetooth, I went to preferences - bluetooth - advanced, and I unchecked the keyboard and mouse assistant (when they cannot be found, and everything is cool with that now too.
  10. Yea, I am cool with the graphics enabler = no. Check out my previous comment, that I posted a minute or so ago
  11. Update: I actually updated to 10.7.2... I used chrispypatt's DSDT and taptun's kernel... The sound doesn't work, although I took the voodoohda that chrispypatt posted. I don't care that much though, because I use an external m-audio firewire interface, and I get real sound !!! I have all adobe cs5.5 installed, latest Logic pro for music, office 11, and many more programs, I used them in good action, and they work cool... Although I had crushes with adobe after effects CS5.5 on windows, on hac (lion) it is cooool !!!!! The bluetooth still asks me where is my keyboard, but I will remove the kexts again, to get rid of this... I am well satisfied that on the .plist, I have graphics enabler = No, and everything is cool Thank you all guys.