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  1. pfilipp

    container-dmg=file - how to disable?

    You didn't understand my problem. I don't have any kind of installer. I have only bare 10.9.3 OS X and started installation from within my working system. Now it doesn't boot because there is "hard-coded" boot flag "container-dmg" while booting.
  2. Hello guys, it's been a while since I posted my last topic. Today I tried to upgrade my existing OSX 10.9.3 installation directly into 10.10 DP1. The problem is that I can reach the upgrade screen with progress bar but it freezes there. As my system was not modyfied yet I would like to revert changes. I noticed that OSX receives some additional flags during boot - more than Clover gives him. One of the flags is "container-dmg=file=[here_comes_URL_to_Base_System_dmg]" and it keeps my system from regular boot... I tried to erase NVRAm but it didn't help. Anyone knows how to delete this container flag? Thanks in advance! PS. I made an image of my entire system and guess what... HDD I used for backup is corrupted - it is unbootable...
  3. pfilipp

    Sapphire HD 7850 Full Works !

    This is what I've meant. I changed ID's but without adding anything to DSDT. I wonder if your solutions is anyhow better when it comes to performance. I know that after update I will have to repatch kexts and while having dsdt edit I wouldn't have to but also Clover makes it possible to change ID on boot. I used HD 7850 since 10.8.4 with full support.
  4. pfilipp

    Sapphire HD 7850 Full Works !

    Hello guys, it might be stupid question but since 10.8.4 if I recall correctly my Sapphire HD 7850 started working while editing 2 kexts - just had to add device id - no dsdt edits. What is the difference between method since 10.8.4 and the method you posted above? Cheers
  5. pfilipp

    ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    Hello there, which bootloader are you using? Chameleon or Clover? It might be important as Clover sometimes messes something up with sleep. If you are using Clover please check if issue persists with chameleon. If you are using chameleon it might be also worth to try clover. It works both ways. One bootloader works better on one system the other on another one. Cheers
  6. pfilipp

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology

    Some thoughts on topic: I finally decided to buy SanDisk ReadyCache 32GB SSD which supports ExpressCache software. It is not as low level implemented as Smart Response and doesn't require RAID mode. Yet it still fails to operate correctly. At first everything was looking great till I rebooted into OS X and tried Parallels. After 15minutes Parallels connected HDD and succesfully upgraded Widnows drivers. System was working without ExpressCache this way of course. I rebooted Windows in Parallels and this time it booted well. The problem showed up when I tried to boot natively into Windows - without Parallels. Windows had to update drvrs again what took some time. After every booting into Parallels windows was updating drvrs and every boot into windows itself it was updating drvrs. Also cache was dissapearing every time. So it is pointless. When I thought about it I understood that it could not work as cache has to 'be there' when system changes ANYTHING on system partition. I didn't try Smart Response as it is less possible to work than ExpressCache as it requires RAID and installing Windows in RAID mode. Also Mac OS doesn't like RAID That's it! I think this topic can be closed.
  7. Hello guys, today I started wandering what will happen if I create IRST with windows and will try to access that volume under OS X. I am using parallels for games and use my bootcamp but sadly not all the games are working and for example NFS Most Wanted 2012 is crashing whole virtual machine. Back on topic. As far as I understand IRST causes ssd drive to work as bufor for data. So the complete data should be on hdd, am I right? It's different from Fusion Drive where ssd works as logical part of whole volume and data stored on ssd is not available and written onto hdd. On the other hand IRST is some kind of RAID so I assume it won't be possible to see hdd under OS X. Does anyone have any experience with IRST and Hackintosh? Thanks in advance :-)
  8. pfilipp

    Maverick 10.9 -> Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Radeon HD7850

    It's more about editing the file rather than adding something into it. I changed 0x68181002 to 0x68191002. So just try to find in those two files: /System/Library/Extensions/AMD7000Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX4000.kext/Contents/Info.plist 0x68181002 and change it. It should work than. Good luck!
  9. pfilipp

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    One important thing and I mentioned it somewhere in this topic. Sometimes it is impossible to boot without deleting Nvidia related kexts which means all NV* kexts and Ge* kexts. Try to remove those from installer media and give it a shot! That's the post: Ofc in this case you have to cd to your installer Extensions folder :-) Good luck!
  10. pfilipp

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Actually I couldn't make Clover bootable installation media neither. I just installed OS X 10.8 using myHack and after few days of messing with kexts with no success of having sleep I switched to Clover. It doesn't matter if you install OS X using legacy bootloader or uefi one as OS X is always being installed as EFI system - unlike windows where if you want UEFI windows you have to start installer as uefi and if you want legacy one you have to boot install media as legacy. Chameleon just tries to act as it is efi but it is not. Clover on the other hand is trully EFI - UEFI in case of PC - bootloader. To sum up: You can just install with myHack and than install Clover If you want legacy Clover than you should wait for radargb answer as I have never played with legacy Clover. Good luck!
  11. pfilipp

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Seems legit and fair enought I will try it soon by myself :-) Actually in case of uefi mode it took me 2 days to import my config file as they redesigned *.plist a bit but again latest Clover solved one remain issue with graphics. Waiting for your config file and thanks in advance
  12. pfilipp

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    radargb could you post your config file? Also have you tried UEFI mode? I am still a fan of uefi mode as my pc based on asus mobo works perfectly and even updating to 10.9 from 10.8.4 didn't mess anything. Claudio A. If it comes to Clover here you can find latest version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ Wiki is here: http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Contents and some instructions from our forum - it is a bit outdated: http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Contents In general during Clover installation it should detect your hardware(latest versions) and create proper config.plist file. Of course auto generator is not perfect so it's best to create it from scratch. Also you can use generated one and analyze it using Wiki. Good luck!
  13. pfilipp

    [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    What do you mean by 'the only issue'? You have btry working and sound after sleep for example? That would be great! Also what bootloader do you use? I think that latest Clover might solve problems with graphics. On my PC after updating from 10.8.4 I had to update Clover as sometimes I got blank screen after sleep. (Have Radeon HD7850 so I am not sure if it helps with HD3000 but I hope it will ) As yesterday I finally opened up my notebook, I can swap hdd and finally have opportunity to test OS before destroying my existing installation - what I want to say I am going to try it this weekend.
  14. pfilipp

    Maverick 10.9 -> Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Radeon HD7850

    Are you sure you did those modifications on both kexts? Yesterday I updated my 10.8.4 to 10.9 and performed those modifications again and everything works fine. For example I can run Guild Wars 2 without a problem. I remember that once I had similar situation like yours: My card was recognized but there was no graphics acceleration. The problem - if I recall - was related to wrong modification of one of the kexts listed above but I don't remember which one was that. You can also try to change those values without copying Info.plists onto desktop - you can edit them under terminal using nano for example: $ sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/AMD7000Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist $ sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX4000.kext/Contents/Info.plist I did it yesterday and than used Kext Wizard to rebuild cache and repair permissions Good luck