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    All Technology peaks my interest, i have modded every video game console you can imagine, hackintoshed every laptop owned, also quadruple boot mac, windows, ubuntu and android x86 and so much more if it has a processor i am into it cuz thats just who i am plus im musician guitars is my instrument and vocals. FYI I'm jamaican born and bred but since 07 living in the US of A
  1. I gotta say thanks I'm logged on to mountain lion it's on my second hdd running thanks to mnfesq for the files and xangel9626 for the ill after failure guide
  2. Thanks man on me first hdd I have lion also so I can use ur cheats
  3. Yeah I do with the x3100 graphics
  4. i got ml to install but now on boot it gives me a ebios read error and after the error stops and the usual stuff comes up it days found errors, pausing 5 seconds and then the pc reboots itself, ohh i got an error installing
  5. Ok after the USB installer booted, I then replaced all the files with the files from mnfesq and the installation completed, so thanks mnfesq for ur great work thank u so much for te great work now all we need is the qe/ci and our systems will be in good shape. Man I'm happy thanks again
  6. i booted finally did a re-install of everything but all i did this time was install the extensions i didn't use any other files in the folder you have, so i booted but installation failed im gonna try again until i get it working
  7. Aspire One D257

    If u use nullcpumanagement that should stop the the panicking also ensure u have a good Dsdt and the fn keys won't work because the gma 3150 doesn't have support
  8. yeah i leave the one in s/l/extensions.mkext and then the other in Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup. when booting with verbose mode it actually says booting using caches in that location also
  9. I have been using kext utility, so I tried kext wizard still nothing. I can't seem to figure it out I've followed ellnics guide before maybe my installer is the problem, do u have a guide to making the USB installer
  10. yeah i used the kexts that you uploaded on osx86 but the difference between our installs is that i am using the official release of the operating system and not the developer preview, do you think that might be the problem, because i've replaced all driver you used and all the files you use i replaced the ones in the original, ive done everything down to the t
  11. i did remove the hd kexts from before, mnfesq did i mention this is happening after DSMOS has arrived
  12. no matter what i do the installer still gets stuck at the same point the usb light just stops loading and its stuck at the io80211interface nvrampublished there must be a way to get past this, removed the io80211family kext and the verbose screen gets stuck at point before this usually happens lpc driver loaded
  13. i did as you said and im still getting stuck at the same point in loading, when i was installing lion and used the tags -v -f, all the drivers ran down the screen loading and that would make the disk boot that doesn't happen in ml it just goes to the black screen and starts to tell what is loading and what is not, how do u get all the kexts to run like before
  14. boot dvd didn't work and when i booted with the tags you use i got a kernel panic from applecpumanagement kext but heres where I'm stuck booting it says 1080211interface:;'/ nvrampublished
  15. yeah i am booting off the usb device chameleon is on a separate partition and the os installation is on the other partition,so i will try a bootable cd/dvd