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  1. Fix Lion 10.7.2 on VMware

    Fix worked just fine for VMWare 7.1 on Windows - had to mount the Lion HFS drive into my older Snow Leopard to get to the file but once i removed the current file and replaced it with the 10.7.1 version, everything booted fine. Much thanks.
  2. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    Strange question here, but the patch fails for me. it stops the service fine, but the windows_32 fails. Perhaps because I am on windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit but I have seen other users stating that they have patched and are running OS X Guest systems in VMWare using Win 7 x64. I appear to be missing a step. does this need to be run in the VMWare folder? or is it global? Any help would be appreciated. Nevermind .. AV was killing the file - disabled for 10 minutes, patched .. sorry to ask a stupid question.