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  1. Hi guys, haven't been here for a while. Have been using my hack with the great guide from Kup on pg1, & recently I've just upgraded my graphics from nVidia 270 to Quadro 4000. I would love to use the display port output, however the hack doesn't support it. Anyone has any idea how to enable DP for the hack? Right now I'm toggling between cables for DP/Win7 & DVI/mac partitions. Would like to be just using the DP for both Any tips on how to go about it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. ATI 5850

    Don't mind i ask how exactly did you install the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] into the Asus P6X58D? I have the deluxe ver & looking into upgrading the existing sys graphics. In my impression, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] only supports Gigabyte boards. I'm looking for a solution which is as painless as possible, so far i read, many involves fiddling the kexts & DSDT. What am i missing here? Thanks a million!!
  3. Geforce 460GTX Supported!

    After reading all the posts above, did anyone actually tried installing the GTX 460 1GB into an existing SL sys w/o any issues? W/O any complicated steps at all? I'm currently running 10.6.4 & is still skeptical about updating to 10.6.5 & also installing the new card w/o upsetting any apps performance. cyberdrive: You running in 64bit mode?
  4. Geforce 460GTX Supported!

    Thats super duper great news!! Thanks for sharing!! May i ask if you put any kexts or files into the Extra/Extension folder? Also was there any changes with the DSDT file? Or it's simply plug out the old card & put in the new one & install the drivers in safe mode? Thanks again!!
  5. Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    I'm facing similar issue. My old EVGA GTX 275 card went bust & i'm looking for a replacement graphics. While looking through 28 pgs of info, i can't fig out what to do. Qn: 1) If i were to go from nVidia to Ati graphics, what are the steps i need to do? ( the Extras/Extension & DSDT tweaks) 2) If i were to stick to nVidia but change to another model say a GTX 460 1GB, what are the steps i need to do? I understand currently there's no full support for nVidia 460 graphics, so i'm more inclined to getting an ATi 5850 or 6850 since mac is officially using 5850 for their mac pros. Any follow through steps is greatly appreciated. ATM, i'm using Win7 & SL is not functioning with an old spare 7600 card. (ps. Seems EVGA is not reliable brand. They were having durability problems with their MBoards & now i face their graphics card konk out on me in less than 1.5 yrs. I don't game & don't OC)
  6. The answer is.... reinstall the whole OSx, there's something amiss somewhere along the line. After i reinstall SL, Helper b7 quit as normal. Important thing to note, the audio kext will not work if you just boot up normally & replaced it with the old one, it needs to be replaced in Safe Mode & repair permission. The only inconvenience i have is the phone jack in front of the casing not working. But the back O/P has no issue. Solution to this.... 1) Buy a set of speakers that has a phone jack, so you can plug head phones into it 2) Use a headphone with longer cable (2.5m - 3m)
  7. kup, like to let u know ur effort is greatly appreciated by many here. Pls ignore those negative comments here & in future posts. OTOH, MrVenini may sound rude becos of his very poor english, thus wrong usage of words that make him sound nasty? Anyway, may i ask whats in the pipeline for GFX compatibility? Any ATi FirePro or nVidia's Fermi Quadro in the works? My hands are itching for an upgrade already. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Btw, decided to get another 1TB drive this weekend, hopefully that'll solve my prob, HDD are cheap these days. Oh yes, and a new Firewire cable to test out, could be a cable problem too Don't forget kup, U THE MAN!!
  8. The external drive meaning USB or Firewire? The USB 2.5" ext drive is NTFS (can't bootup if stays plug in port) The external Firewire drive is FAT32. (very slow but in win7 its ok) All w/o issue running XP & Leopard 10.5.7 in the past, this new Asus Mboard may need some time for kexts to mature i guess
  9. The HDD was formatted with 2 partitions in XP. 1st is NTFS from winXP, the 2nd is FAT32 from mac But i wouldn't think that formatting the drive could cause issue with boot loader, then again i could be wrong Thanks for looking into the Firewire
  10. Sorry kup, didn't try the manual install, read the instructions & it needs to do fdisk & set active partitions again. I'm sure the boot drive & partitions are set correctly in the beginning, else the whole installation wouldn't have worked. I really don't wish to reinstall the whole thing all over again. Anyone out there with a WD Black scorpio 1TB drive facing the same issue as me? Btw i found another "bug". The Firewire 400 is not working as it should. The files transfer is slower than the USB ports. Took 3mins to transfer 2GB of jpgs from my USB card reader to the SATA drive, & 34 mins from SATA drive to the Firewire ext drive. Any insight to this? Thanks once again
  11. The HDD & ODD are AHCI, everything else is auto. Detect delay is left at default 35sec. Not sure if other settings will cause it to be undetected CPU ratio locked at 21 running 1.18V (default in auto is 1.12V) OCZ RAM specs 8-8-8-24 but i loosen it to 9-9-9-24 cos' in Win7, totally unstable if left at default RAM Voltage 1.6V QPI Voltage 1.3V Also read that if all RAM slots are occupied, there's stability problem. Not sure if this affects the drive detection. Not using Marvell SATA3 so its at default IDE, tried disabling it but no effect What brand of HDD did you buy? So far only this Western D Black Scorpio 1TB is giving me problem. I plugged in the old HDD from my old sys (Western D 250GB AAKS) with the same SATA cable & power cable & at the same SATA port, no issue at all, full sys boot up. Currently i need to hotplug it in after boot up to access to the data in the 1TB drive. Will look into the manual install of bootloader later, kind of busy ATM. Thank you so much kup!! You the man!!
  12. What exactly do u mean by manually? Any details on that? What i did was simply click onto the Bootloader installer & ran it, then followed through the instructions & selected the drive i wanted to install the bootloader. Its not just the bootloader in the HDD or flashdrive that's having issue with the 1TB drive attached, the boot CD that i created from the ISO image also can't boot after POST.
  13. ok, here's what i observed from the 1TB problem. It is the same as when i plug in a portable 2.5" USB drive, the sys will not bootup after POST. Could this be an issue with time out in the 132BootCD? Maybe need more time for the drive to settle or recognise? Also checked out the graphics section where users post their issue with the display calibrator not working with other cards like 8800GT. There's no solution apparently
  14. Sorry to ask, is the command line meant for the dual boot test (in thumbdrive) or the 1TB test? Just reinstalled SL again, the boot loader in HDD still not working. But i'm ok, cos the thumbdrive is acting like a dongle so its fine Again, the audio needs to be patched in safe mode (don't know why), otherwise there's no sound. My comp front panel has no audio, but its also ok cos i have a headphone that is 3m long What's not working & no solution: 1)The display calibrator. I suspect there must be some incompatibilities with the existing display kexts. But don't know how to trouble shoot. How does it affect other apps? Not sure, but will test it out in the coming weeks. 2)The 1TB data drive. Bootloader just doesn't seem to recognise or there might be a size limitation. Very strange. Whats the difference with my sys vs yours? Haven't the slightest clue. A little tip for those looking to dual boot OSx & Win7 on the same HDD. You need to format a blank drive 1st, use 132BootCD & bootup the SL installation disc & then use mac disk utility to partition it in GUID & make 2 partitions of any size. Next format the partition installing OSx with Mac journaled file sys. The Win7 partition in FAT32. After that reboot the sys & using the Win7 installation disc to boot up & just follow through the steps. When Win7 installation is done, you still can't boot up direct into it, you'll still need the 132BootCD to boot it. Thats ok. Once Win7 is fully installed, reboot the sys using 132BootCD again but this time follow kup instructions closely, ie, press F5, insert SL retail disc, etc... After all these steps, you'll be able to have dual OS in the same drive
  15. Yep. Did as your instructions. I actually re-do the whole process again just in case i missed a step. Viola!! Now the thumbdrive works HAHA!! The HDD doesn't work, i've re-ran the bootloader, the Extra folder is already in the root dir from the 1st install. I actually expected this becos' i reinstall Win7 back to partition 1. My solution is to just use the bootloader in thumbdrive to bootup & select whichever OS i want to use. Will want to reinstall OSx again this weekend to see if the color calibration works & the bootloader function. I'll update again Thanks for your kind help Btw, any update with the 1TB HDD issue? Maybe after i reinstall the problem will go away...