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  1. please can someone post the fix dsdt for dv 6 i have a dv 6543 with 10.6.8 and i dont have dsdt and i dont know hot to produce it please can someone post the fix dsdt for dv 6 i have a dv 6543 with 10.6.8 and i dont have dsdt and i dont know hot to produce it
  2. The manufacturer HP has released the first laptop with a processor Llano, designed by AMD. The HP Pavilion DV6-6110SG APU has an A6-3410MX and a Radeon HD 6750M, which has CrossFireX technology, also developed by AMD, which is used to connect two graphics cards connected in parallel. HP has provided information on its performance and features. Its processor will have 4 cores and is clocked at 1.6 GHz. Its frequency can be overclocked to 2.3 GHz. Its primary graphics card, a Radeon HD 6520G, has a frequency of 400 MHz. With CrossFireX technology, this netbook has another more discreet graphics card, a Radeon HD 6750 clocked at 725 MHz. The two graphics cards work together to give a nice graphical rendering. The HP Pavilion DV6-6110SG will have a 15.6 inch screen with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. His memory is 6 GB and it will have a DVD burner. Premium with Windows 7, its launch price would be € 599. i think this notebook worth buyng in order to convert it in hackindosh so what is the opinion of the community
  3. i think there is a problem in speedstep of the cpu i have intel centrino duo 2,2 ghz it false detect the cpu and it doesnt scaling the all the speeds of the cpu and volts
  4. i think the folders show you the way where to extract them just unzip my friend MadBonsai
  5. i put theese files in my hp dv 6543 pavilion 10.6.4 from my old 10.6.2 and sound works like charm and mic also so plese give it a try i dont know much so please be ware http://hotfile.com/dl/62547370/de6861c/alc...orking.zip.html
  6. ok i have just make make my hackindosh in my ssd apacer 128 gb(its blazing fast) and i want o install windows on an external hard disk how can i do this please i want dualboot
  7. i would like to thank you alot a thousand thank you i just managed to load 10.2.0 darwin in my hp 6543 laptop now i have alc 268 working touchpad working wifi working since i have atheros card extra installed beyound the system so first ihad 10.6.2 with 10.0.0 as many of you, but i tried this one i reinstaled MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.2.dmg but i didnt restart then i execute myHack_Installer_1.0_RC4.1_r55.mpkg (please select costumize and choose your options i didnt select sleepenabler)after execution finished i copy and paste the above sleepenabler kext to my extra extensions folder and i hit restart .after restart all work with 10.2.0 thanks again
  8. i think i can not understand clearly so what about a tutorial of how installing ALC268 with snow 10.6.2 thanks i shall wait
  9. ok i first install calyway 10.5.2 then i install callyway 10.5.3 update combo after that i reboot and i update from internet then reboot again and update from internet so now i have 10.5.4 full with fix included all work and my dvd and my fron row since i have nvidia card i installed nvinstaller v5.2 reboot and my dvd and front row works fine for my hp pavilion 6543 i would like just to share my thoughts it should be help
  10. sorry for disapointing you iam completely new to this and i cant install it in my hp6543 mac osx 10.5.2 can you made up an automatic installer thanks for your time
  11. i need serious help

    i wrote it in a cd and it doesnt boot any idea
  12. i need serious help

    i tried it before it can not even boot any way how can i acces my cd rom and copy file to hard disk i want try to load katana
  13. i need serious help

    thanks for help but didint work this thinkthat i have found
  14. i need serious help

    i have found something Open Terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) 2) Type (minus quotes) "sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist" 3) Add this data to Boot.plist (make sure it is inside the <dict> </dict> tags) <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1024x768x32</string> but when i boot with -s and writing from 2) and down when i try to save it cant becouse it is write only file system sudo nano write its iam root admin and i cant