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  1. Hi, I want to make an app based on Core Data, in wich I need to have multiple documents (ideally saved by the app in a given location) and a central database with metadata about those documents. I am new to mac programming and I don't know how to do that... A cocoa document based app lacks a central database, and a single database may bring an scalability problem. What can I do? Thanks in advance, Rodrigo
  2. Rodrigo26

    HELP with DSDT editing on ATI 7970

    To use dsdt injection you have to put your custom dsdt.aml file in the Extra folder.
  3. Rodrigo26

    DSDT Ideapad Y510

    Hi, did you try with kext :http://www.osx86.net/files/file/2617-bcm5906m/??
  4. Hi! I succedded in installing Mac OSX 10.9 in my Dell Studio 1555. Almost everything runs just fine. I made the DSDT from ground up, based on the original of my laptop and the retail macbook pro one. My specs are: Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo T6400. Speedstep OK. Video : Ati Mobility Radeon HD4570, 256 MB, with QE/CI, via custom framebuffer and Clover Injection. Wireless : I replaced the wifi card for a Atheros AR9285, which works OOB. Audio : IDT 92HD73C1, working via patched AppleHDA. Ethernet : BCM5784M, working with custom kext. CardReader : working with VoodooSDHC. Webcam : Working OOB. The only things missing are: Sleep. Some Videocard Features: HDMI works, but if I unplug it the duplication icon remains in the menu bar (system thinks it is still connected). VGA doesn't work. The internal laptop screen, suddenly goes off every apron. 20 seconds, like trying to sleep, with mouse click or key press it wakes up. (I realized that if the HDMI were connected previously, i.e.. if the duplication icon is still on, this does not happen). Battery appears as not installed. Brightness slider appears but does't work, and keyboard keys does't control it either. I suspect every missing thing are dsdt-related, but I don't realize how to go on from this point. Can you please help? In the attachments is my dsdt. Thank you very much!!! Rodrigo dsdt.txt
  5. Hi, I installed Lion on my notebook (Dell Studio 1555) withno problem. Graphics works with qe/ci using custom framebuffer and dsdt. Now I updated to Mavericks, boot with no problems, but qe/ci doesn't work, using same framebuffer and same dsdt... All i get is scrambled screen. I don't know what else to try, can you please help? Thanks!
  6. hi, i am new to osx86 and don't know how to update the kernel, can anyone please give detailes instructions on how to do it? Thanks in advance