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  1. Help with GTX560

  2. Help with GTX560

    10.7.3 here... didnt installed any drivers from nvidia, there is any for 560m?
  3. Help with GTX560

    Hi! I have a laptop with GTX560M. It works ok, QE/CI enabled with GraphicsEnabler=Yes on Chimera. I wonder if there is any other method to enable my card (if yes please explain hehe). 'Cause sometimes i feel i dont have the full experience.. when i open a game i get a black screen with sounds working only.. to fix that i have to force shutdown via powerbutton.. so there's something wrong .. also, its possible to use HDMI to connect to a TV? Thanks a lot!!!
  4. they could sell a cheap external and fast cd/dvd burner/reader
  5. Fermi overall performance?!

    good i'll try this at home and post here with my specs
  6. Atheros AR9285

    Got the wireless card yesterday(AR9285)! installed and running with this kext: http://www.mediafire...e3tb7nb274xdx21 but afaik if you modify the kext urself adding the device id, it should be the same im on 10.7.2
  7. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    Got the wireless card yesterday! installed and running with this kext: http://www.mediafire.com/?e3tb7nb274xdx21 but afaik if you modify the kext urself adding the device id, it should be the same
  8. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    yeah i've tought abt the 4322 but it doesnt support monitor mode and i need this to work with linux.. atheros seems to support it, hope it works on lion.. still waiting for it arrive
  9. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    yes but there are some fixes around the web, guess it will work.. if not OOB, with a kext
  10. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    great! hope my AR9285 too
  11. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    I have a Clevo P150HMx laptop, do u think that the one i've bought (http://www.ebay.com/itm/230456770114?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649&afsrc=1) will work? Hope so, cant find any other on ebay that ships to brazil and is supported :/
  12. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    yeah but that is PC, im talking abt a laptop.. but wow, great find on that card!
  13. Webcam issue (Lion)

    I have a Bison webcam and when installed lion with uni_beast, it was working fine. Now i've just checked it again and isnt working after multi_beast and some kexts.. but i did not installed anything related to webcam, any ideas? Its detected on system information but not working with any application anymore.. this is related to SMBIOS? On my notebook im using macpro3,1 smbios as macbookpro smbios stop me from boot. ideas? thanks a lot!
  14. Wireless Mini PCI-e recommendation

    I've saw several fixes/kexts for AR9285 (Lion). So i guess i'll be good
  15. HELP atheros AR9285 on ML

    yeah please upload and post here that pkg thnx