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    Is Mojave possible on Xeon X5450 LGA 771

    You definitely have a Kepler card for sure but it looks like graphics are not initialising. It would also appear you have a GT740 and I'm aware of issues with this GK107 model... Post your zipped Clover EFI folder if you need further assistance and do specify if you just inject kexts through Clover or cache them from /S/L/E and/or from /L/E. What video output port are you using?
  2. Simple, your setup is incorrect: no SMBIOS, incorrect graphics layout injection, inappropriate boot argument, ... So: remove that igfxvesa boot arg; that basically disables graphics acceleration on the iGPU remove Inject Intel + layout 0x0a2e0008; the layout is incorrect for your mobile iGPU (correct one would have been 0x0a260006) and these injections are no longer required with Lilu + WEG fake desktop HD4600 iGPU 8086:0412; that's mandatory because Apple never used Haswell mobile HD4x00 iGPU in their computers. select MacBookPro11,1 or MacBookAir6,2 SMBIOS; mandatory too. You should then obtain graphics acceleration on your mobile HD4600 iGPU and proceed with fine tuning your build (kexts, patched tables, etc.) NB: adjusting DVMT is not normally required for pre-Broadwell platforms. I certainly had no need for that on my Haswell/HD4400 Toshiba Sateliite R50-B-116.
  3. Hervé

    Dell Inspiron N5110

    Effectivement, sur ces points, la conf Clover apparait Ok quand bien même le choix du MBP10,1 interroge. Pour le reste, il y aurait des choses à dire tant sur la conf ACPI que sur la gestion CPU ou le paramétrage graphique qui est contraire à ce que j'ai recommandé auparavant... Bonne continuation pour la suite.
  4. Hervé

    Dell Inspiron N5110

    Avant de les appeler, ce qui est tout à fait safe, vérifie tes cartes réseau et poste une copie de ton fichier de conf Clover. Ton interface Ethernet doit être en 1ère interface en0 et ta wifi en en1 ou supérieure. Côté conf Clover, il faut avoir bien renseigné le SMBIOS et le paramétrage ROM, MLB, etc.
  5. Consult Lenovo's own documentation on their web site and look for spare parts catalog for your model.
  6. Indeed, your current setup need to be reviewed and Clover config requires several adjustments. Use Clover Configurator app to that effect: 1) ACPI section: you need to add the renaming of USB2 controllers to EH0x; it should be the renaming EHCx to EH0x that you need but you can always extract your ACPI tables to double check. you need to enable FixDarwin7 fix to obtain USB3 support in macOS 2) Devices section: your i7-4500U integrates HD4400 iGPU. Mobile Haswell iGPUs are not natively supported in macOS so you need to fake desktop HD4600 iGPU id 8086:0412 in IntelGFX box. Lilu + WEG kexts will then do the needful. the properties you inject for iGPU device PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) are incorrect for your Haswell mobile platform (wrong layout/ig-platform-id and wrong device id). Remove the entry, you'll add the properties relating to HDMI output later, as/if necessary. 3) Kernel & Kext Patches section: you have a Haswell platform so patch for AppleIntelCPUPM is irrelevant, it's for Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge platforms. unless you encountered Lapic KP at boot time, you don't need Kernel LAPIC patch either. KernelPm + AppleRTC patches should be all you need. 4) Rt Variables section: you need to disable SIP in order to be able to inject your add-on kexts. As such, enter 0x67 in CsrActiveConfig field click on the Generate button under ROM field copy the MLB value displayed in the middle black box to the MLB field above 5) System Parameters section: click Generate New under Custom UUID field On the kexts side: I do not believe you need XHCI_unsupported kext at all. USB3.0 controllers of standard Haswell platforms are normally natively supported as long as you inject Darwin (which the ACPI FixDarwin7 fix will do). I recommend you add Rehabman's FakePCIID + FakePCIID_XHCIMux kexts in order to gain USB2/USB3 multiplexing. you'll have to add AppleALC Lilu PlugIn if you want audio. Your Clover config injects layout #7 but this may need revisiting if it's not the correct one; it totally depends on your Realtek audio Codec and you've not specified which it was. Once your system is up and running, you'll proceed with more detailed fine tuning for items such as card readers, wireless, bluetooth or disabling of the unsupported AMD dGPU.
  7. Answer is no because: the WWAN slot you pictured is not mini-PCIe but M.2 Key B and you're unlikely to find M.2 Key B adapters for Apple cards; I only know of such adapters with Key A/E (like your WLAN slot & Intel wireless card). Example here. A/E cards cannot fit into Key B slot. the WWAN M.2 slot may not support combo PCIe + USB, both of which being required for wireless + Bluetooth Just replace your Intel card by a combo 867Mbps ac + BT4.1 dual-antennas BCM4350 card. There are Lenovo models (00JT493 and 00JT494) on top of Dell ones (DW1820A) though latter may not be suitable if BIOS has whitelist. All are of course supported in Windows. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11322-broadcom-bcm4350-cards-under-high-sierramojavecatalina/ I also understand there are Fenvi M.2 Key A/E 2230 cards with BCM94360xxx chipset which could be an interesting alternative. No particular experience with those however so can't say if it's genuine, viable or worthless. Example here. Much more expensive than proven BCM4350 for same performance, so...
  8. Hervé

    High Sierra couple of Issues

    Audio codec not listed.
  9. It would seem you forgot that that Broadcom BCM43224 is subject of a whitelist within OS X/macOS. As such, you may need to adjust SMBIOS, patch the supporting kexts or, indeed, call on AirportBrcmFixup to use that card properly. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8739-patching-airportbrcm4360-kext-for-unsupported-mac-models/
  10. Hervé

    Dell Inspiron N5110

    Commençons par un petit récapitulatif: le Dell Inspiron N5110 est une plateforme SandyBridge. le CPU Intel i5-2450M intègre l'iGPU HD3000. l'iGPU HD3000 est supporté nativement jusqu'à High Sierra 10.13. Il existe cependant des astuces pour faire fonctionner cet iGPU sous Mojave 10.14 et Catalina 10.15 en mode accélération graphique limitée qui n'est pas exempte de bugs et de défauts. le dGPU nVidia GeForce GT 525M repose sur une puce Fermi. les dGPU Fermi ne sont pas correctement supportés au delà de El Capitan 10.11. la technologie Optimus n'est pas supportée sur Hackintosh; en conséquence, le Hack ne peut tourner que sous l'iGPU (la majorité des cas) ou que sous le dGPU nVidia (cas bien plus rares). En conséquence, mon conseil est le suivant: se cantonner à High Sierra en mode 100% natif avec accélération graphique HD3000 désactiver le dGPU GeForce GT 525M via patches SSDT/DSDT pour économiser la batterie NB: de mémoire, il existe des fils dédiés Inspiron N5110 pour les différentes versions macOS sorties ces dernières années.
  11. Just 2 x comments really: Re: "Supported Features" in DVD Player, it's under Help menu... You deliberately omitted to state/hid that you also have a GeForce GT710 fitted into that PC... Good luck.
  12. 1) Clover config: ACPI section FixDisplay set -> don't think you need this Dropping of SSDT tables seems wrong to me Generate P States + C States is not applicable to anything past C2D/C2Q/1st gen Core CPUs Graphics section Inject nVidia not set -> you should probably enable this nVidia Generic set -> may not be required 2) Add-on kexts: You've got kexts both in 10.13 and Other. That's wrong and you should only use one or the other since you run High Sierra NoVPAJPEG kext injecteD. Are you sure you need this? Post a zipped copy of your SysProfiler + IOReg output from IORegistryExplorer. Any add-on kexts cached from /S/L/E and/or /L/E?
  13. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/9179-dell-latitude-e7x70-clover-uefi-only/
  14. Congrats! You've posted about a Hackintosh issue into the Apple Mac hardware section.
  15. Do you want to get your E6230 running macOS with OC? Or do you just want it running macOS ? If the latter, head over here: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8883-dell-latitude-e6230-with-i5-3340mi7-3540m-hd4000-and-1366x768-lcd-el-capitansierrahigh-sierramojavecatalina/
  16. Does the Web Driver load? If you boot with Clover, did you tick/set Web Driver box in CC or boot with nvda_drv=1?
  17. Although it tends to be generally the case, having the right of VRAM displayed in "About this Mac" does not necessarily translates into full graphics acceleration being in place. Items to check in order to verify graphics acceleration include: Finder's bar translucency Supported Features in DVDPlayer app Smoothness and speed of LaunchPad
  18. It's a matter of having both the correct SMBIOS and the right NVCAP. SMBIOS for the nVidia card support, NVCAP for specific output ports.
  19. Hervé

    How to enable SIP?

    SIP is enabled by default. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_Integrity_Protection What we usually do for Hackintosh purposes is disable it in order to bypass some or all of macOS's default security features and allow necessary and/or desirable things such as loading/caching of (unsigned) add-on kexts or lifting of FileSystem protection (eg: /S/L/E in RW mode). There is probably a ton of literature on the matter but here's an oldish FAQ topic I had started on SIP at OSXL to try and describe some of the basics for beginners: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11553-how-do-i-disable-sip-system-integrity-protection/?tab=comments#comment-90839 If you want to remove SIP disabling and return back to default SIP settings, simply leave the Clover fields empty in your Clover config: Alternatively, set CsrActiveConfig to the desired value according to the protection flags you want to set. As an absolute minimum, you need to allow unsigned/untrusted kexts at some point. Temporarily until cache is rebuilt if you cache kexts from /L/E (or from /S/L/E if you've also lifted FileSystem protection) or permanently if you inject them from Clover. Hence why it's always recommended and/or desirable to cache kexts rather than inject them... Clover basically handles the following flags through CsrActiveConfig: A value of 0x67 means this: In case you wonder what BooterConfig does, it controls this: A value of 0x028 means this: You may check if SIP is enabled through the following Terminal command or Software info in your SysProfiler:
  20. Hervé

    Problema grafica

    Creo que si.
  21. Hervé

    Problema grafica

    GTX 960M = Maxwell Catalina es imposible con Maxwell grafica, solo High Sierra max. + nVidia Web Driver.
  22. Hervé

    AppleALC - Headphones buzzing noise

    Cache CodecCommander kext from /L/E if you're not already doing so.
  23. Hervé

    Upgrading from HS to Catalina

    I'm sure you know that this card is only supported in Catalina but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to run HiSie in VESA mode and upgrade. If not keep the nVidia in place and upgrade, the nVidia Web Driver won't work anyway afterwards.
  24. Hervé

    HP EliteDesk 800 g1 SFF macOS Sierra

    Your kext sets for USB appears wrong too: GenericUSBXHCI + USBInjectAll + XHCI-200-Series-injector. You should not use all that. One does not just simply throw all the kexts he can found at a Hack in the hope things will work! If you have a bog standard Haswell platform -and I believe you do-, you should not require any specific kexts to obtain USB3 support. All you need is to inject Darwin as Windows2006 (Vista) or Windows2009 (Win7) through DSDT patch or apply FixDarwin7 ACPI patch in Clover. Using FakePCIID + FakePCIID_XHCIMux is Ok for USB2/USB3 multiplexing and fully applicable to Haswell platforms. In the same respect, why on earth do you use NullCPUPowerManagement on a platform that should fully and natively support CPU SpeedStep ??? I also see you inject/cache this AHCI_Intel_Generic_SATA kext; can't see why you'd need that on a bog standard Haswell Q87 platform.
  25. Hervé

    HP EliteDesk 800 g1 SFF macOS Sierra

    Can't see anything obvious apart from your audio kexts: VoodooHDA (without AppleHDADisabler) + HDMIaudio + AppleALC. That is wrong, you can only use AppleALC or VoodooHDA+AppleHDADisabler, certainlly not both.