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  1. There is no problem for 10.8.3 to run on this main board.
  2. how to fix the >2G RAM problem: 如何修复使用多于2G内存时显卡花屏的问题: get the chameleon source code, open file "biosfn.c", search for the codes as below 取得变色龙源代码,打开biosfn.c文件,找到下列代码: " // Is this the last address range? if ( bb.ebx.rx == 0 ) { //printf("last range\n"); break; } } " and insert codes below after the codes above. 然后在上述代码后面插入以下代码: //专为E7AUM-DS2H主板内存范围错误而修改 MemoryRange * e7aum = (MemoryRange *)BIOS_ADDR; struct MemoryRange change_tmp; int j; int still_changing = 1; while (still_changing) { still_changing = 0; for (j=1; j<count; j++) { /* if <current_addr> > <last_addr>, swap */ if (e7aum[j].base < e7aum[j-1].base) { change_tmp = e7aum[j]; e7aum[j] = e7aum[j-1]; e7aum[j-1] = change_tmp; still_changing=1; } } } if (e7aum[3].base + e7aum[3].length > e7aum[4].base) { e7aum[3].length = e7aum[4].base - e7aum[3].base; } //专为E7AUM-DS2H主板内存范围错误而修改 And then compile and install chameleon by yourself. 然后请自行编译和安装变色龙。 The codes above can change the size of GPU RAM in OS X according to the size in bios. 上述代码能够根据bios中的设定来调整OS X中的显存大小。