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  1. Powered by ubuntu

    heh, system76 sent me 3 rolls of 100 last year. Been giving them out to people around town - its quite amusing to see where they end up (girls' purses, notepads, calculators, etc).
  2. Did you know Darwin (OSX) Has A Limit On # of Processes?

    Hah! Ah, the miracle of *BSD - you get EXACTLY what you ask for. If 0 doesn't make unlimited processes, would -1 ?
  3. NeXT, anyone?

    I wish I had a NeXT, preferably a NeXTstation with color. Unfortunately they have limited availability in my area and tend to be quite expensive.
  4. Addt'l cooling?

    Apple has a tendency to manufacture equipment that takes good care of itself and lasts for a long time (such as the PowerMac G4 and G5). The cooling system should be managed by OS X, shutting down in cases of excessive temperature, possibly adjusting processor utilization, and preventing system damage. I do not know of any aftermarket cooling, especially that which is compatible with the form factor of the iMac. In any case, try disabling any third-party applications that may prevent OS X from directly managing the cooling system, and consider the results. Note that my dual 2.7GHz G5 and 8-core Mac Pro will use almost 100% of all processors for an hour or two at a time with no ill effects, while rendering video.
  5. Yeah!!! Where is my 10.5 x86?!?!? I wish I could hack a product that doesn't exist...
  6. I had this same problem with the JaS 10.4.6 in VMware Server. It hangs as a result of a bug in the VMware ISO mounting. Burning to disc would solve this, as would using Dameon Tools, Alchohol 120%, or FarStone VirtualDrive 10.
  7. continuous reboot?

    That cool screen darkening with the multi-language reboot message means that the system is suffering UNIX kernel panic. You probably are missing a patch?
  8. System config file missing

    I also have this problem on a Gateway MA6 notebook (late 2006) Running VMware Server 1.0.1 CPU = Intel Core Duo T2500 Yonah at dual 2.00GHz MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 2 cores, 2 threads L2 Cache = 2048k Motherboard = Gateway (unknown model) Chipset = Intel i945GM Southbridge = Intel 82801GM (ICH7-M DH) BIOS = Phoenix Technologies VTD 71.08 (dated 08/21/2006) 2x 512MB DDR2 PC2-4300 RAM 640MB allocated to x86 in VMware Using the JAS 10.4.6 image (ISO) Using image directly from computer (not burned DVD) Using 1 processors Get the following upon boot: Darwin/x86 bot v5.0.132 639MB memory VESA v2.0 16MB (V M ware, Inc. VBE support 2.0) Use (up|down) keys to select the startup volume hd(31,1) Mac OS X Install Disc x86 Press Enter to start up Darwin/x86 with no options, or you can: Type -v and press Enter to start up with diagnostic options Type ? and press Enter to learn about advanced start up options Once install begins, (with or without -v flag) Apple logo page loads for under a second. System then reboots to VMware BIOS. Cycles through above sequence several times, then exits to the following: System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found ---------------- How can I fix this? I would like to try Mac OS X on x86 before purchasing a MacBook so I know exactly how I can expect it to work. I do not believe I have any Jmicron chips. I also do not have an external DVD drive, but if you can guarantee it to work, I will certainly consider it.
  9. Proximity lock

    Never seen an equivalent on Mac. I almost got the one for PC, but it is still not perfect. The wireless lock only works on the primary monitor, and my PC (an uberserver running as a video switcher in a television station. Yes, i know, but there is no such thing as NewTek VT[5] for Mac) has 4 displays. Thus, the product is useless.
  10. DVI incompatibility?

    It is possible that one of the connectors is an ADC connector, which is proprietary. The ADC is DVI, but more. I believe it includes power, because my 23" Cinema (not HD) monitors uses it, and it is the only cable to the monitor. The display has no other cable, so the ADC must also be the power cable. The ADC is designed slightly differently (pin arrangement and size) to prohibit damaing an incompatable display. Talk to your local Mac store to get the proper adapters.