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  1. parallels updated

    Serial don't work!
  2. Macbook 1.83 or macbook 2.0

    There should be no questions asked.... 2.0 is the way to go. Unless you're really on a tight budget... But, trust me, you will need the DVD burner.
  3. Got a Macbook

  4. Got a Macbook

    Yaaayyy.... I got myself a MacBook as well.... yesterday. It's sooooo freaking nice. I would've waited for merom but I just couldn't help it anymore. I have a week 25... and so far no issues. I did get the base 2Ghz one with only 512MB or RAM. I'm gonna max it out with 2GB later this summer. Anyways, my MacBook is the bomb!!! I got tired of hackintoshing. I couldn't stand not having QE/CI.
  5. Corrupted Partition Map

    Can you copy whatever it is you need in your iPod to another drive? If so, then do it. And then repartition your iPod again using the iPod software. Then you can copy your files back to your iPod.
  6. Getting an MBP

    When do you think MBP 2.0 will come out?
  7. New MacBookPro series?

    No, my friends... "MacBook Pro" is itself a noun, an actual name for a piece of equipment. So, pluralizing it would be... MacBook Pros!
  8. What ACPI error... if you're getting the error code after copying at 4% or so.. then you need to re-download the ISO. It happened to me and I just re-downloaded the damn thing using Firefox and it worked. I didn't even burn it to the DVD. I used Nero ImageDrive to install it. Works flawlessly!!
  9. What the *%&^ is with microsoft?

    Very true indeed, which pisses me off because OSX has a built in PDF writer and Adobe doesn't say {censored} about it.
  10. No... Finder really sucks. But that PathFinder that someone mentioned earlier is really nice. It's worth it in OSX.
  11. No it shouldn't... install it on another partition!
  12. Make another parition and install it there! Downloading sucks right now because of the load. I, too, keep getting errors. But at least i'm up to 22% after 3 hours! Oh, and BTW, Vista is better that OSX. I just can't handle that damn Finder thing.
  13. That is too sweet!! I'd like to use it! Too bad it doesn't work on hacks yet.
  14. Mac. Nobody gives a shit.

    That was some real funny stuff!!!